A New Day is Dawning

In July the Capital Prayer Aglow Group in Sacramento, CA were astonished to find the barricades down as they arrived to pray. Excitement filled the air!

Julia Reiff, State Prayer Coordinator for California gives a little background information.

We have been praying in the Capital for almost 21 years. We have a special room for prayer for 3 hours on the first Monday of each month. We praise and worship, pray over government issues, visit and pray for our government leaders and staff members and pray in the halls as we go.

We consider it a blessing to be called to cover our nation and Capital. At different times we have invited government leaders to speak and inform us about certain issues. We are so blessed and honored to be part of this crucial assignment. 

Donna Hendon said that as they arrived the group was surprised to find that it was the first day that the Capital was once again opened to the public. Aglow was there with boots on the ground inside the Capital halls. Donna said,

It was a fresh beginning! The angels were rejoicing with us. We felt more freedom than ever before. There was a fresh release of LIBERTY! 

Barbara Strong said that even though the Capital had been barricaded for the past year, the group was still faithful to prayer walk the grounds. As they arrived on the grounds the first thing they noticed was no barricades and a sense of freedom, God’s Presence, and great joy!

When the group got inside, their regular meeting room was locked, so they did what all Aglow groups do, they began praising and worshipping God in the hallway. God gave them specific direction to pray for upcoming elections that are crucial in the state. They were able to pray over all 58 counties.

Even the air smelled fresh and new! We were in unity and one accord. The power and Presence of the Holy Spirit was there in a special way.

Joan Keller, Chris Iglowitz and Lydia Myas were with the group that day. Lydia said, “It was a time of joy and a greater anticipation of things to come. It was one of those God moments that make it all good. Psalm 23 says He will make us to lie down in green pastures and He will lead us beside still clear waters. If I could put my finger on what that day was like, that is what it was. We were in such a place of complete unity with each other. It was a moment I will never forget. God with us – that is exactly what it was!”

As you go about your God assignments in your community, take a moment to drop us a note so we can share what the Lord is doing through Aglow groups who have held the line in trying times. God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear at all. He goes before us. He comes behind us. He is a God who is present with us.