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Parkersburg, WV Community Lighthouse

Recently Pam Wallace, President of Parkersburg, West Virginia Community Lighthouse, sent in the Evidence of Transformation form for her group. We love receiving the forms as it gives us the opportunity to showcase how they are reaching into their community and how they are processing the truths heard at conferences.

Parkersburg is the county seat of Wood County. It is located at the confluence of the Ohio and Little Kanawha rivers and is West Virginia’s fourth largest city. 

Some of the ways the group has impacted their community is by taking time to minister to families who are experiencing extreme times of need. The team has taken food, helped with cleaning, and even built ramps for those who needed them. What a blessing to take time to meet practical needs as well as spiritual needs.

We want to commend Parkersburg Lighthouse for being faithful month after month in sending in tithes and offerings to Headquarters. This giving record stretches for years! For all the seeds you have planted, expect a bountiful harvest!