West Virginia Aglow – Propelling His Kingdom forward

When Priscilla Weaver, President of West Virginia Area Team, sent in the Evidence of Transformation form, we were delighted to see the many ways the Lighthouses in West Virginia have been reaching out into their communities and we wanted to showcase their activities. 

  • Each month a different group posts a short video on the West Virginia Aglow Facebook page.
  • One group gathered and distributed supplies to a men’s recovery home.
  • One group took lunches to the homeless and to families in need.  In each lunch bag they placed a card with John 3:16 and a phone number that can be called for prayer. 
  • Another Lighthouse collected, filled, and shipped 79 shoeboxes to Samaritans Purse in the name of Aglow! 
  • Another group reached out to a family who was grieving the loss of a loved one and prepared a meal.
  • When one community had a local outreach in the community, the Aglow group had a booth to give away water, to offer prayer, and handed out Aglow brochures.
  • It is one thing to take land and another thing to keep it. One group drove to the highest point in West Virginia and made proclamations and declarations over their state and the nation.
  • All most all of the groups participated in the National Day of Prayer online. 
  • One group is strong in street ministry. They distribute food and supplies to people who are unaffiliated with any church offering prayer for salvation and healing and other needs. 

Like the rest of the world, West Virginia experienced difficulty in 2020 for normal outreach; however, they were diligent to stay connected via Zoom and other social media platforms. They continued to walk out prophetic words over the ministry showing that they have been spiritually and geographically positioned in their state.

Join us in speaking blessings over the Aglow family in West Virginia as they continue to put their hand to the plow to propel His Kingdom forward