The Power of Prayer

Recently, Rita Gorski, President of Orange County Area Team in California, shared a touching testimony of how she uses the prayer written in the Area Digest for her job description. This special prayer has helped her navigate her way as the new Area President. 

Rita shared, “When I became Area President early last year, the Lord told me that He honors the office of my new position. He does the same for each team member. He gave me the visual of a suit of armor that I am to step into and pray and declare the prayer that was written with my job description. He said that there was an anointing built into each position that we just have to put it on and wear it. 

The Lord was so gracious to me telling me that if I walked in the anointing and trusted Him to work through me, I would perform my position as it was written by Aglow. 

As I did what He instructed me, it was both awesome and humbling as I put on that mantel and wore it. It was a real anointing for that position. It gave me confidence!”

Rita said that whenever she feels that she needs help with anything concerning being the Area President, she pulls out that specific prayer written just for her position and the help comes.

Not only does Rita use the prayer for herself, when new members come on the team, she takes the prayer written for their position and declares it over each one. The team members have felt a strong anointing and feel so blessed. 

Currently each job description for Area Team members have been updated and have a prayer that goes with them with the exception of the VP of Special Events. The good news is, we are working on that one! Stay tuned VP of Special Events!