Manhattan Aglow Atmosphere Changers

Covid-19 had shut down our Manhattan Aglow for several months. We were filled with excitement when we were able to meet once again.

We felt Holy Spirit calling us deeper into prayer. As we continued to listen we heard Him say, “It’s time to become atmosphere changers in your community”. 

We sensed the Holy Spirit saying, “Your prayers will have an incredible effect on your community. Pray for your leaders, pray for your first responders, your police, the families. Reach out to the lonely and the broken and bring them the Good News of the gospel.” So with those words from the Holy Spirit we began our first assignment. This is what happened.

The Lighthouse leadership team and prayer team filled bags with homemade cookies, candies, Chex mix, teas, etc. and one $20 gift card to Walmart for each of 20 bags. It was so apparent that we had heard His voice as a spirit of joy filled each one of us as we assembled the bags. As the last bag was complete we formed a circle around them, held hands and prayed God’s anointing over the gifts for revelation of Him and His love for those who would receive them. 

We delivered them to an establishment in Manhattan that provides fellowship, creative, and connection opportunities for citizens of the community who are facing challenges.... some of homelessness, and some in need of emotional and social support.

In the end our blessing was returned tenfold as one homeless man came through the door. He walked over to the table where the basket had been placed and with delighted surprise found a bag with his name on it. He then asked everyone to take hands. As we once again stood in a circle around those bags, this broken one led us all in the most humble, beautiful, thankful prayer, calling us all brothers and sisters in Jesus.

At that moment our hearts were full, the two circles had become one. This is who we are, this is who we are called to be … blessed to be a blessing.