English - Duluth MN Community Lighthouse Police Department OutreachRecently the Duluth MN Community Lighthouse reached out to the Superior Police Department and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department and served them a meal. The team was excited to have four new volunteers to join them on this labor of love. 

In previous outreaches the team left out a sign-up sheet for those officers who would like prayer and somehow, the sheet was always empty at the end of the event. This time one of the new volunteers was assigned to greet everyone and as she did, she took the names of those who wanted prayer. The team was so excited to leave with multiple names to pray for. 

While each of the officers loved the chili, a highlight for us came as we served the last officer. He shared with us that being part of law enforcement was all he ever wanted to do. As the team listened to him talk, they realized that he and many others serving are actually called by God to serve their communities as officers. Soon, this special officer who had opened up to us had to leave to assist with something that had come up. You can imagine our surprise when he returned to have another bowl of chili! 

This officer will never recognize any of us as we were all wearing masks while we were in the building serving the meal. This particular officer that touched our hearts so much told us that he usually ends up eating alone and that he really enjoyed our company. 

For Christmas, we wanted to do something special and have started bringing Christmas cookies and other goodies to our area Police Departments. While we are attempting to go with healthier choices, we are mindful to bring them wrapped individually. One of the new volunteers loves making chocolate covered cherries and has already filled and delivered 150 boxes to Jean Priest who oversees our endeavors for law enforcement.