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Aglow Carson City, NV New Team

At a recent meeting, the Carson City, NV Community Lighthouse installed a new team. One of the gals made a basket filled with small bags of lavender and attached a ‘Lord You Said’ card to each one. Everyone attending was asked to take a sachet.

It was fun to watch as they selected a bag and read their ‘Lord You Said’ card aloud. You could feel faith rising in the room.

After the meeting, a young lady who is going through Chemo said that the combination of the scent of lavender and the declaration of the cards being read aloud encouraged and strengthened her heart.

The promises and prophetic words that God has spoken to us has to become as real in our hearts as it is in His. Using the ‘Lord You Said’ cards is one way to become familiar with promises and prophetic words that have been spoken over Aglow.

To order a set of ‘Lord You Said’ cards or ‘Grace’ cards, visit The Aglow Store.