2019 11 1 capital prayerRecently, Alice Bale was appointed by Marilyn Seeger, Washington State Prayer Coordinator to the position of Aglow WA State Capital Prayer Chair. Alice has stepped right into this vital place of prayer, holding prayer meetings in her home every Tuesday. The Capital Prayer group meets monthly at the Capital for prayer and lunch. Alice says that husbands have joined the group, too!

On one special occasion, the group was singing The Battle Hymn of the Republic when Alice had an understanding that even though some Aglow Lighthouses are currently not meeting, there are still those in the community involved in prayer that are lead and attended by those trained in Aglow for such a time as this.

One point in prayer that Alice brings before the Lord frequently is for those He has chosen as leaders to awaken to their destiny and to arise and take their rightful place.

In 2006 the Lord said to Aglow that there would be an Aglow group in every city, town, and village around the world. As women and men have taken GameChangers and LifeChangers they begin to see themselves as God sees them. Taking their prophetic words and inheritance scriptures, they formulate an identity statement that they refer to often to enable them to see themselves as God sees them. Many are finding their places in Aglow as Lighthouse leaders who not only evangelize and pray but step into the places God has for them to touch the community with His Goodness.