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LifeChangers Transformation

After completing the LifeChangers Workbook, Judy Dubé of Florida wrote a poem to express the incredible transformation she experienced going through the course.

Brilliant LifeChanger

In the beginning I was feeling kind of low,
until I started reading books from Aglow.

The darkness began to disperse,
and I began receiving freedom from my curse.

I was reminded I don’t have to improve,
just put on the new man and freely move.

This new man theology
beats all those teachings based on psychology.

I found out God wasn’t upset with my crazy behavior
He took care of that by sending me Jesus, my awesome Savior.

So you don’t ever have to think like a low worm,
your true identity has been transformed.

Say ‘goodbye’ to being a stranger,
and ‘hello’ to being a brilliant LifeChanger.

Now I know how to live with Aglow,
Read the Book to find out how you really look.

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