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Breathe Life Back Into Where Aglow Once Was

Recently 6 Aglow women, Mary Pomeroy, former State Leader, Cindy Plumb, Wendy Cleveland, Rita Boone, Natalie Cages, and Lynda Billmyer joined together for a prayer drive in Anchorage, AK. The purpose of the drive was to breathe life to see Aglow re-established in Anchorage as requested by Jane Hansen Hoyt in a recent letter to the field.  

Stopping at key places, the group used the "Lord You Said" cards to aid them as they made proclamations of life. Calling forth key phrases from prophetic promises over Anchorage brought alignment for the city to receive the fullness of Heaven. As they drove, they prayed over families, schools, businesses, and all that the Holy Spirit brought them to pray. They also drove by places where Aglow groups had gathered to meet in the past, calling forth seeds that were planted to produce the harvest.

God has spoken to us that we would have an Aglow group in each town throughout the world. He has positioned us geographically and spirituality, preparing us to be the salt and light and the sought out people in our communities. How are you partnering with God is see His purposes for your community come forth in this day?