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Recently Karin Schreurs, President of the Chicago North Suburban Aglow Area Team was helping to set up a new bank account for a Community Lighthouse. Because of changes in banking procedures in the United States, it requires a lot of paper work and a great deal of patience. This particular day, the process was going on the two hour mark.

Karin has gone through GameChangers three times. The first time she went through as a participant. The second time she was a facilitator and the third time, she joined as an encourager to others going through. It has been a joyful journey for her.

This particular day as she sat and sat, waiting and waiting, Holy Spirit reminder her about the Fruit of the Spirit. She felt the Lord whisper that there is a reason why it was taking so long to open the account. Finally finished, the young bank officer said, “I see patience in you. How do you keep your patience like that?” Karin smiled and said, “It is not my patience, but God’s patience in me!” Karin took the opportunity to share about the Fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5 and a beautiful conversation ensued.  

As Karin was ready to leave, she asked if she could pray with the one who had helped her. Joining hands, tears welled up in Karin as she prayed aloud.  With the amen, the young lady said, “You just made my week!” Karin’s reply?  God loves you. And you, have made my week!”

Karin stated, “My vision and goal is to have several people who are taking GameChangers to then become ‘facilitators’ and start another group. It is happening! Multiplication! We had six GameChangers last year 2018 and out of those six groups, two started other GameChangers Group. Now this year we have four ladies starting a Game hangers in their area on February 3, who have already taken the course. I have already planted a seed to hopefully see another group another lady who will start a group after she takes the class in a February. God is on the move!”

You can find out more about “Reinventing Your Walk in the Fruit of the Spirit” in session 4 of GameChangers. Ask at your local Aglow when the next GameChanger class is scheduled so you can be a part. If you are like Karin and are seeing evidence of your transformation, please download this form and send in. We would love to hear your story!

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