We recently received a testimony from one of the Aglow Prison Ministry team members. The team member writes, “On Wednesdays I take my grandchildren to the grocery store to purchase food items. On this particular day we were greeted at the door by a beautiful young lady who said she was the appointed “giver of cute stickers” for kids.

She engaged my 2-year old granddaughter in conversation and asked her to select a sticker. She proceeded to attach it to her jacket, and then asked me if I used to visit in the jail. I affirmed that I still did. She told me she had been incarcerated and she remembered me. She proceeded to tell me how thankful she was that we came because it had changed her life. She said she loved the singing, and that she always looked forward to our visits.

She said she had been clean and sober for 4 years now and is the manager of the grocery store. We hugged, and I went on to shop feeling very humbled and grateful for her testimony of the impact we had on her life.

She came up to me at the checkout stand, gave my grandson a sticker, and told me how very thankful she is that we choose to spend time with the women in jail and the impact it has on them. She then asked me if I remembered another inmate and I assured her I do. She said she is doing well, has one more year at Chowchilla Prison, and is looking forward to getting out. She thanked me over and over for the ministry and her admiration for all we do.

She said she had observed me shopping with my grandchildren several times before, and just decided to share her life changes with me.

I felt like crying when I got to my car, so moved by God’s gracious gift of affirmation for this ministry.”

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