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“I wanted to report what our Aglow Area Team is witnessing in North Georgia. It’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen,” writes Carolyn Sisk Williams, North Georgia Area Team President.

Carolyn continues, “Following our Jubilee Conference last fall, God spoke to me very specifically that our North Georgia Area Team was to gather troops and take back the borders of North Georgia. Our Team gathered a brigade from each Lighthouse and we broke up into five segments to prayer-drive our borders at exactly the same time on November 4th. We let Holy Spirit lead the entire journey. All we knew was we were to pray the following scriptures, worship along our routes with songs about the Glory, and drove our *vav’s (tent stakes) into the ground at Holy Spirit’s direction with the scriptures: Zechariah 2:5 'I will be a wall of fire all around', declares the Lord, ‘and the glory in her midst.’ and Psalm 24:7 and 9 Open up, ancient gates! Open up, ancient doors, and let the King of glory enter!

"Since that day, we have had a resurrection of the land. Below are 8 things (new beginnings) we have witnessed in North Georgia since our prayer drive in November. We are watching carefully, treading humbly, and completely wowed by what the Lord is doing. Here’s what we know so far:

  1. We have 2 new official Lighthouses, paperwork in hand for 2 more, and 1 in the birth canal.
  2. 3 women’s jails are in revival (2 of them are Aglow outreaches)
  3. Churches are merging all over the place: Baptists with Pentecostals, black churches with white churches… it’s like we are watching Galatians 3:28 come to life.
  4. Just this summer, there have been 500+ spontaneous baptisms in one church alone in Dawsonville, GA: Christ Fellowship Church. You can read about it here.
  5. Over 200+ churches and ministries have joined forces to gather on August 25th in Stone Mountain, GA where the very first KKK cross was burned to renounce racism, repent, and call forth revival in our nation. They are calling this event ONE RACE. The races are joining together in great unity even as they prepare. There are 4 Aglow women on the strategic prayer alliance to undergird the event: June Smith, Jerrie Alexander, Judy Garner and myself. It has been humbling.
  6. One of the stops on our prayer drive last Fall was New Echota, the beginning of the Trail of Tears. We prayed for the Glory of the Lord to fill that land and for it to be returned to the Cherokee Indians. Guess what! New Echota was returned to the Cherokee Indians by the Federal and State Governments this summer and there was a huge celebration in July on the property. It blew our minds!
  7. Cherokee County (separate county from New Echota) had over 30 churches come together last month in a park to give testimonies of the revivals that have broken out all over their county, to worship and glorify God together. Their mission stated the purpose of this day was to experience God's fullness together. Again, this was the ENTIRE county!
  8. In April, a revival broke out in Elberton, Georgia which they have named Cross Sounds Revival. They set up a huge tent on an empty piece of land and revival meetings have taken place every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings through August. There has been a short recess because the tent got flooded by many consecutive days of rain. We are proclaiming this is a physical manifestation of what is happening in the Spirit. They will resume in September.

"This is just what we know about. We can’t imagine all that’s going on we don’t know about. We are having so much fun watching God unfold all of this.

"Dutch Sheets said at our Jubilee Conference that Aglow had been given Air Superiority. I believe North Georgia has witnessed a small glimpse of what this means. Dutch also said Aglow was going to be the point of the spear going into the Third Great Awakening. And I also believe we’ve seen a small demonstration of this as it pertains to North Georgia.

"During the last stop on our journey, each car witnessed a supernatural sign from the Lord at exactly 6:15pm, which was the time each car finished and began to head home. Below is an image of the sign God showed my group in Rome, Georgia. We knew in our hearts it was a sign of the breakthrough portal Aglow had just entered. It was amazing!

"North Georgia has come back to life!"

*Note - 'Vav' is a Hebrew letter and literally meaning tent peg (also spear). It is what Jael defeated Sisera with. The Georgia team often talks about driving their “vav’s” into the ground with the word written on them to take their ground back. This term has been used for years by intercessors.