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October 16, 1930 – June 2, 2018

Lee KruegerOn June 2nd of this year, Lee Krueger graduated to Heaven finally meeting the Lord and Savior face to face whom she loved and faithfully served during her life.

Lee Krueger was on the Orange County Aglow Board in 1980’s when she received a call from the Lord to bring God’s love into prisons and jails. The first official prayer meeting for Aglow Prison Ministry took place in January of 1984.

The first monthly prison service began in CRC, Norco; the second in CIW which was the first Women’s Prison in California. Lee and her team compiled a Prison Ministry Training Manual which they printed themselves after approval from the Aglow Headquarters Office.

Lee worked closely with Earlene Leming to expand the Aglow Prison Ministry. Earlene writes, “In the 1990’s, two large Women’s Prisons were built, each housing 4,000 women. Because I was single and teaching piano for income, I adjusted my schedule to travel to new areas monthly. It was fun to return home to share stories with Lee and hear her exclaim “WOW!” God continued to expand the ministry.”

“Our teams are in ALL women’s state prisons and many jails. We have an Annual Retreat where Grads (ex-inmates) and teams meet together. Jill Meskimen, our first Grad in 1985, is now the 3rd President after Lee of the Aglow California State Prison Board.”

“A few weeks ago, I made a last visit to my dear friend of 35 years. I sat next to her, took her hand and said, “Lee, it’s Earlene! I came to say I love you, and to thank you for getting me into prison ministry. I’m still doing it…and I’m in my 80’s!” Blinking her eyes and squeezing my hand, she said, “WOW!” How precious that was to me… it’s what she always said I when I returned from a prison trip!”

“In 1982 when I was given a few months to live, my sister asked Lee to pray for me. Who would have dreamed that God had plans for us to be ‘pioneers in prisons’ together? Now I look forward to a great Reunion in Heaven!”