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The Edinburg, TX Aglow Community Lighthouse is reaching out to those in their sphere of influence. After a recent outreach Concepcion Maldonado and Sylvia Mejia, VP of Ministry Development write,

Today was a huge success! Besides getting to pray and minister to the South Padre Island Firemen we also got to pray in preparation for Spring Breakers that will come soon. We stopped and ministered to people as the Spirit of God lead!

One man in particular stood out. He was visibly touched by the Spirit of God as one of our team members shared how God had delivered her of drunkenness. This spoke to him, because he himself had 40 DWI’s. He was touched by the Spirit of God as he surrendered his life to Christ. He said he felt very sentimental as he wiped the tears away. What is amazing was that just last night his friend who was recently saved ministered to him and told him he needed to surrender his life to Jesus Christ, so he knew that it was God.

And then there was a woman who was a winter Texan staying at the Island. The word of knowledge came forth for pain in the feet. We prayed for her travels and her healing. Pain gone. And then there was the lady with tension and stress. She received healing and deliverance!

There were also word of Knowledge for thyroid issues, arthritics, circulation issues all of which were prayed for! Like these, there were many more testimonies! God is a personal God and whatever your need He wants to meet you there!