Every Monday night the faithful Aglow Prison Ministry Team goes into the Oregon Coffee Creek Correctional Facility to minister to a group of inmates. Recently they received a letter from one of the women who attends the meetings.

A team member writes,

From time to time, we receive letters from those incarcerated and usually they are asking if we have any Bible Studies or books. We always send them something in response to their request. This woman asked for nothing. She gave thanks for the team, and sent an offering out of her funds. I don’t know about you, but that touches me deeply and makes me weep.

In the letter she gave a little of her background to set the stage for all God has done and is doing in her life. She let us know that it was in prison that she was formerly introduced to Aglow and that she hasn’t been the same since. In the letter she wrote, ‘Staying in His Word, attending church, and doing Bible Studies has helped me to rebuild my life and relationships. Aglow has been the icing on the cake. From the first service I attended to now, I’ve been hooked. The Presence of God is so thick in that room there is no turning back.’

These women who serve the Lord here with Aglow are changing who we are as individuals. They make us feel loved and pass no judgment whatsoever. As each day passes, my love for the Lord grows. My heart has softened to a point where I can forgive myself and others. Thank you very much for all that you do. We appreciate the time and commitment you all have made to serving the higher purpose.

As a Kingdom Community, Aglow International is absolutely committed to the Core Value of God’s Presence - Creating an atmosphere and environment of worship for the presence of God to be encountered. - Psalm 22:3