Aglow Jubilee Israel Trip 2017

Jeff Hilliard from Texas - This was my first trip with Aglow, but my second trip to Israel. What really stood out about this trip was the spiritual aspect. With Aglow, I was continually impressed, because every conversation is Spirit-led and meaningful. Every person you sit down with is so strong and encouraging. I found myself constantly in deep conversation with strangers, discussing scripture or experiences. We talked strategy, prayer, worship, and scripture. It was amazing. Aglow is such a wonderful group to travel with!

There were many highlights on the trip, but the one that left me breathless was when we went to Magdala and saw the ancient city and synagogue. When we went into the sanctuary we had a time where we just faced the giant window looking over the Sea of Galilee. It was beautiful. Two ladies gave words to us and read scripture. Then we sang a song, and as it finished, the Holy Spirit joined us and gave us something that I can only describe as Heavenly. Everyone began to sing in the Spirit. It was angelic. Such beauty came from our bodies (I told my church that I have never sounded like that before). Words can't do it justice, but that time was so impactful to me. I understand 1 Corinthians 14:15 so much clearer now.

Another thing I think needs to be said is the impact that Israel has on you. Every time I come, I feel more connected than before, and when it is time to leave, more of me is left behind. Leaving Jerusalem at sunrise, headed back to the airport, I couldn't help but look back and watch the city fade behind rolling hills. And as the plane left, I felt part of me stay behind.

I think everyone should go to Israel. It is such a powerful experience, to see where Jesus lived, walked, taught, healed, delivered, died, and rose. Galilee will blow your mind. Jerusalem will break your heart. The tomb will change your life. And Israel, combined with Aglow, will change your relationship with The Father.

Kate Hilliard from Texas - I must admit that when I was asked if I wanted to go to Israel, my first reaction was, “No! It’s too dangerous!” As the registration date approached I thought it over again and felt God tell me, “You do have a choice, but are you going to trust Me?” I’m so glad I trusted Him! Israel is gorgeous – the terrain changes throughout the state from fertile green pastures, to stark desert, to hills crowded with homes and history. My favorite place was the Sea of Galilee. I literally felt God’s peace so settled and so strong there I wanted to stay. To look out and see the same lake and land that Jesus saw with His own eyes and set foot upon is overwhelming. Going with Aglow gave us access to sites and prayer opportunities I never would have experienced with any other group. To be able to pray for Israel while standing in Israel and praise and worship God in the place where Jesus will return is truly remarkable! While on the flight home to the US I felt a tinge of homesickness in the pit of my stomach – knowing that will one day be our future heavenly home. While reading the Bible I always wanted it to come alive, and now that I have traveled to this blessed Land, these images have been placed in my mind and heart forever.

Nancylee Huston from Pennsylvania - There were a couple of things along the trip that really impacted me. One was going through the land of Israel and seeing the Bible come to life, being where Jesus walked this earth, where He was killed, and to be in His tomb. To be in that place and knowing that 3 days later He rose again was my total mind blowing OMG moment. Another moment that impacted my heart was when we went to visit the Western Wall to pray. My friend and I connected with some young boys and they begin to ask questions like where we were from, etc. Then the one question a young little boy asked me broke my heart and changed my prayer focus towards the Jewish People and their Land forever. The question was, ‘Do you like Jews?’ After looking at the young boy for a few seconds I said, ‘Not only do I like Jews but I love the Jewish People and your Land very much!’ After answering the young boy’s question he had the biggest smile on his face.

So I wanted to encourage young adults who have ever thought of going to Israel, Go! It will not be like any other trip you have ever gone on before, it will change your life forever.