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Have great expectations!

As the dates for the 2019 Aglow Jerusalem Convocation approached, Felecia Dobunaba, National Committee President of Aglow Papua New Guinea, strongly sensed that she was to stay back from this strategic event. In obedience to the Lord, she followed after His leading by making the Convocation available through the webcast. In this way, the Aglow Papua New Guinea women were able to watch the Convocation messages together as one. The following is her amazing testimony of God blessing this gathering:

I felt like the poured out wine that both King David and the Apostle Paul spoke about in Psalm 22:14 and Phil 2:17. I so wanted to be in Jerusalem and travel to Israel with Aglow, as I have not yet travelled there. That time will come. I am so glad I stayed back and altogether we participated in the Convocation as Aglow PNG. My heart rejoices as I see what God, through the power of the Holy Spirit, has done in all who attended.

May I say that our 3 days in following the webcast as it was livestreamed from Jerusalem was so precious and so special. This was indeed the "Right Time", and for many of the 45 who attended, the first time to be in Jerusalem and to participate in an Aglow International Conference.

The Presence and Anointing of God was so powerful over the 3 days. It was a whole new level of anointing not experienced before. Many lives were touched and transformed. These women are now going out boldly to their villages and communities to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ through their testimonies, and their weeping about how the Spirit of God touched them. There is also a new unity in the Holy Spirit that we are witnessing.

We are now seeing God drawing other women to the Aglow meetings with such a hunger to find God and a safe place to worship Him. God is, we believe, also opening other doors for us to go out and minister.


Watch as Jane welcomes everyone to Jerusalem

Registration for the 2019 Convocation webcast is still open allowing unlimited viewing until August 31, 2020. Register here. You can read the blogs of each session on the Convocation website.