The Aglow Israel 2014 trip was a life-changing experience for the Generations group who made the journey.

Reflections about the adventure from the Generations Group:

This was the launching pad for me and the start of something new. I don’t know exactly what will all come out of this, it will be revealed in God’s timing, but going to Israel was much more significant than just seeing the sites. – Kariah Kussman

I feel like landing in Israel landed me in an amplifier to my relationship with God, not only during the trip but even once I returned.  It’s like the Lord has being giving me a lot of “firsts” in the way He communicates with me and allows me to hear Him. – Gaudy Cardona

Israel truly turned many of the wayward places in my heart and set me toward a single-mindedness in Christ, being reminded that all things are about Him. – Nishan Patton

I would like to thank the Aglow ministry for being able to bring me out to Israel and let me be able to walk where Jesus once walked.  It really was inspiring! – Kenny Mack

I felt a greater connection with the family of God, those who stood there before, and those whom I stood among in Aglow - men and women who would leave their own imprint, continuing on this great legacy of faith. -  Mycquel Glinton

I felt like it was my life on the Sea of Galilee.  I realized why I was in Israel – to strengthen my faith and to be sensitive to the fact that God wants me to walk out of the boat. The Sea of Galilee was my highlight! – Annelle Alfred

Our guide said to us, "To be in Israel is like the 5th gospel and if you get to experience the 5th gospel and don’t understand it, then you can’t understand the other 4 gospels either." - Olvhedin Jacobsen

You can’t remember or explain everything that happened, but by the end you came out with new friends, experiences you treasure, and you’re not the same person you were before you came.  You just had to be there. – Jessica Wilson

Generations WorshipThrough this journey we were able to connect as a family and our Holy Spirit-filled camaraderie was so evident it was noted by other Aglow travelers, our tour guide, and a young group of Israeli Defense Forces who we prayed for. – Zabrina Robinson

There was a boldness about the Generations group!  We walked into a number of weighty environments where spiritual warfare was absolutely necessary. - Anthia Bella

Going to Israel this year was really a miracle to me. It has enhanced my relationship to Jesus and has given it a new depth. - Hallgerd Akurstein

The highlight for me was the boat ride on the Sea of Galilee. We sang and danced the whole time and I was truly in awe of where He had brought me. I was filled with so many emotions and to this day cannot fully articulate what happened to me that day. It was truly life changing and humbling to dance on the water Jesus walked on and where He performed so many miracles. – Larissa Porter

It has given me a new appreciation and understanding of the Word. Now when I read my Bible I can visualize how it actually looked back in the Bible times. – Iona Thonger

He continues to peel away the layers and reveal more of Himself – the relationship between the subject of Israel and the Jews, and my own personal walk with the Lord is getting closer and closer, and I realize more and more how linked they are. – Amy Coulbeck

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