2016 9 13 syriaRecently Parthena Leptokaridou, Aglow Greece National President, visited the Syrian refugee camp in Thessaloniki sharing the light of Christ by bringing humanitarian supplies, love, and encouragement. Since the crisis, she has been involved with helping her church to distribute more than 44 tons of food and supplies. They have a special team who minister among the refugees. The team has their own tent and storage room facilitating the distribution of supplies including diapers, baby milk, food, and juice.

Parthena writes, “The needs are enormous in the camps with new borne children, sick people, families that are separated, and internal fighting. Amidst all this there are the children who thirst for attention, love, and care. We are always amazed that they are so happy with so little. To be honest I feel that we receive more from them that we give.”

“We try to teach a bit of German and English, and they are eager to learn. Ministering in the camps is quite emotionally impacting. Outside there is a real world with a real danger for people without a ‘compass’ in life. They are being cheated by the enemy who hinders them from knowing the truth of the gospel. It makes me sad and angry at the same time.”

“We continually pray for the Lord to give us wisdom to know how to ‘transport’ the truth to them. Our prayer is that this situation will work altogether for their salvation. We want to see people free from the spirit of bondage.”

“It seems to me that our world is changing very drastically. Islam is falling and we do not know yet what the cost in human lives will be. Yes, now we can see more clearly how the ‘thread unravels’. Prayer is so needed, prayer beyond what the eyes see and the ears hear.”