10272015-juaquinIn early October, Hurricane Joaquin pounded the Caribbean Islands as a category 4 storm with wind speeds of 155mph.

Hilda Douglas, Regional Committee Chairman for Aglow Caribbean writes, “As you are aware, our beloved nation was recently hit by a devastating hurricane and has left a trail of destruction on most of our central and southern islands. What a blow this is for our people. However, we give thanks to God that there was no loss of life.”

“The assessment and recovery efforts are ongoing and we, as Bahamians, have banded together (par excellence) supporting each other to rebuild our nation. We are grateful for the regional and international communities for teaming up with us to bring immediate first response relief to the affected areas. We know that there is much work to be done, and Aglow will be part of helping as best we can.”

“I am presently assisting an international relief agency, as I am a member, and am on the Disaster Preparedness Volunteer Team also as an Aglow leader. The road to recovery and restoration from this hurricane is certainly going to be a long one. We in Aglow will respond in a more tangible way as a group at the appropriate time, once we are able to meet and discuss the way forward.”

“May God continue to richly bless the victims of this hurricane, all of our Aglow family, and the entire Bahamas. Please continue to pray for all of our people in these islands.”