2016 11 15 wowReport On Watchmen On The Wall Seminar Series

Ontario, Canada – October 2016

A small but significant group of men and women including two pastors and their wives, hungry to learn more about Israel, gathered in Kenora, Ontario Canada for a Watchmen on the Wall Seminar.   

The seminar was led by Lorraine Bastien, who is part of the Aglow National Team in Canada and serves as the Israel Education and Awareness Coordinator.

Lorraine was very happy to introduce these WOW teachings to those who gathered, and to have the privilege of qualifying 11 people to be commissioned in Jerusalem when they travel with Aglow to the epicentre, Jerusalem. Lorraine thanks everyone for their prayers and support. She is planning to present at least two or more Watchmen Seminar Series before the 2017 summer.