2016 12 13 sri lanka leadershipThe Aglow Sri Lanka National Board held their Quarterly Leadership Seminar in October with 120 local leaders in attendance. The attendees were transformed by the two LifeChangers messages, Building a Spiritual Mindset and Freedom in Christ.

Here are a few testimonies following these teachings:

  • One leader said, “These teaching were like beautiful precepts to be lived by moment by moment for daily living. It was so enriching and helpful.”
  • A woman who had been battling fear and anxiety and had been in the hospital for 3 days, came saying she would only be able to stay for the first teaching. As she began to learn about having a negative mind set and how this thinking is rooted in the “old man”, she came to understand how this kind of thinking causes one to become captive to strongholds of fear, torment, worry and anxiety. She also learned that thinking rooted in the ‘new man’ destroys strongholds and releases peace. The teachings brought her so much freedom that she stayed on for the second session.
  • A young woman who was faced with many issues was confused about how to move forward with her life. God showed her that she needed inner transformation.
  • Another shared that she had been under a lot of stress at work due to her boss being very unfair. Listening very intently to the LifeChangers messages and how the Apostle Paul had to wrestle with a thorn in the flesh, she understood that we too could be battling situations such as a difficult marriage, and may have to bear insults and reproaches. To overcome we have to quit focusing on the thorn and instead ask ourselves, “How do I portray Christ in this situation?" She related that this was exactly what she needed to hear to be set free.

Vasanthi Jaywardene, Aglow Sri Lanka National President writes, “One principal that helped me tremendously is ‘The mindset in the Spirit must be built on the presence of God in us and the purpose of God for us’. It's about understanding that He is in our circumstances. He journeys with us through the storm. In Matt 14:31 it says that the wind died down when they got into the boat. So Jesus was there with Peter when the storm raged. It's all about trusting God when the storm rages.”

It is truly amazing to see how God is transforming lives throughout the nations of Aglow through the GameChangers and LifeChangers messages.