News from the Lungi Garrison Aglow Chapter in Sierra Leone, Western Africa.

sierra leone map“On Saturday, 25th February, 2017 the quarterly potluck was held at the drill shed of the military barracks. There were 20 in attendance.

There were heartfelt testimonies from various Aglow women. A Muslim testified that it was love from Aglow women that brought her to the Lord. A newcomer who was in tears, asked for prayer because her husband died, leaving her with 4 children to care for and it was difficult. We ministered to her by giving her encouraging words and we raised a love offering which was given to her. By the time we finished and everybody was going home, this woman was joyful and laughing. Praise God! We encouraged her to start coming for weekly Bible studies.

Another woman who is married to a soldier, gave her testimony of how she now enjoys peace from her husband who was very unkind to her. At first, the husband would not allow her to attend Aglow. But she kept praying for God to touch his heart. Now the husband is just too nice to her and never stops her from coming. She, too, was a Muslim, and she now attends the Catholic Church. She now handles the cleaning of the hall for all Aglow meetings.”

A little about the town where this meeting took place:

Lungi is a small coastal town in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone in western Africa. Lungi is best known for being home to the Lungi International Airport, the international airport that serves Sierra Leone. The port cities of Lungi and Sierra Leone's capital, Freetown, are located across the water from each other. Some of the most luxurious hotels and restaurants in Sierra Leone are based in Lungi. The military base is also located in Lungi.