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Aglow Cameroon
Aglow Cameroon distributes masks

Davis Essandoh, Generations Leader in Gambia

Greetings from our Lord Jesus to you. Yes we are fine and doing well by the special grace of God. Gambia is very fine just that we have been home for the past three months and the place is very difficult in terms of food and accommodation fee for our students and most of the private teachers. We are all praying for this pandemic so we can continue our daily activities. We distribute some food items for some group of people in our community knowing that the lockdown will end within that period but it has continued up to date. We asked you to pray for us for Intervention most especially those of us who do our own work and the private teachers. We still do teachings online and on our WhatsApp too. Thanks for your care and concern. We pray for you and your family too. Stay bless and safe.

John Paglan, Aglow Generations Leader of Cameroon

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the communication of the Holy Spirit be with you, your whole family, and the great Aglow community of God's children around the world. We are very amazed to recognize the Presence of God in our lives and to give Him this great glory.

The Holy Spirit is very real! He is accessible to all who seek it. The Bible tells us: “And behold, I am with you Myself every day, until the end of the world,” Matthew 28:20. This passage from the Gospel of Matthew gave us a lot of strength to go out to evangelize people who lived in fear with this situation of COVID-19. We understood during our multiple meetings in our premises and in the intense prayers that God had some special things to pass on to His children who are subject to His will and the message that we received during our prayers of intercession by the Spirit was the message of repentance.

The Christian of today must no longer sleep. If you have received the salvation of Christ, why will you not show the way to your brother? We are ambassadors of Christ on earth by Jesus. We are victorious in Jesus Christ on all levels. We are called to radiate the image of Christ wherever we tread our feet to advance the work that Jesus Christ bequeathed to us as an inheritance.

The whole world needs a great apostolic awakening. The gospel of Christ must go forward and we are not going to stop because this gospel must touch the ends of the earth so that the light of Christ can illuminate all those who were and lived in darkness. Be blessed and shalom.

Nicola Tsoi, Generations Leader in Hong Kong

Recently, we've been preparing for our next Generations meeting on the 2nd of June, which will be held on Zoom. And of course, please continue praying for the young people of Hong Kong - for those who take part in Generations to really catch the vision we (and Aglow) represent, and for the rest to find that in a world of chaos, the only solid rock and foundation we have is in Christ.

In general, we're following a series based on Graham Cooke's GameChangers/LifeChangers teachings, which my mum has been teaching. We also meet once every two months, with an average attendance of 20 people. Usually half are newcomers, while the other half show up pretty regularly. Last time we met up (in person, before the stricter lockdown began in Hong Kong), I could see this spirit of fear over a few of them, but by the end, most seemed to have grasped the peace that passes all understanding! I also got to pray for a few of them, and hopefully that has encouraged them to stay strong in the Lord.

In any case, I've been attending quite a few online meetings, and I'm sure I speak for many when I say we're about done with the physical distancing! But now that the spread of the virus has eased off a lot in Hong Kong, the protesters have been back on the streets, which in a way are more dangerous than the virus (I can now fully understand why King David chose the plague punishment in 1 Chron.!). So I think now more than ever, the Christians here really need to be secure in their new identity in Christ, so I'm praying for many to be able to come to the upcoming meeting! We'll be looking at the 7 "I Will's" in Jeremiah 32.

Tarisse Austin, Generations Leader in Trinidad & Tobago

Generations are actually planning an online hangout session soon, just to keep in touch. 

Iliana Orantes Generations Leader in El Salvador

Thank you very much for your prayers! Certainly through Zoom we have our meetings on Friday 7:30pm to continue our times of praise, prayer and teaching of the word of God. We have also collaborated economically to buy food for poor families who do not have more provisions in their homes. So I ask that they pray that the pandemic does not attack our children, and that it can be a process that ends quickly, as we also ask for the economy of Salvadoran families and that young people do not lose their jobs. For everything else, we are grateful to God for His love and grace and for teaching us to live a year of faith and perseverance.

Elreen Baggao, Generations Leader Belgium

Thank you for your email. It is very encouraging to personally hear from you. This pandemic indeed impact every nation in a bad way but also in a good way. Although we, Generations Brussels chapter, are in different countries for the moment we still continue to keep connected online just like most communities do this past months. We pray together online and talk about our well beings. We consistently meet online during Fridays 21:00 in Belgium and 3:00 here in the Philippines so it is like a dawn prayer for us who are here in the Philippines. I still carry the identity of Generations even when I went back home here in the Philippines - before the quarantine I was meeting young professionals specially those who are oppress. 

Right now also we are praying for people who are going through depression and fighting against suicidal spirit due to hopelessness in the present situation. We are all thankful to God for how He is turning every ashes and make something beautiful. We are all grateful for His protection that all of us with our families are well. 

Cassiana Tavares, Aglow National President of Portugal

All of our initiatives for this past months have been digital. Because we had mandatory confinement. Our companies, schools...everything closed since March. From March 18 to 4th of May we had to stay home. Most people are still working from home. Schools will not open. There are a lot people facing very difficult economical situations. We know it has been very hard for you as well. During this time, we held a weekly live in Instagram and we will start podcasting now.