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Testimony received at the Headquarters Office from an Aglow woman. Names have been omitted for privacy and protection.

Since the desire had been put in me to pray for the people of the Gambia while attending the 2016 Aglow Conference, I sincerely wanted to connect with someone from that nation while at the 2017 Global Conference in Richmond. I inquired at the registration tables to see if anyone had come to the conference from Gambia, and was told that at that time, no one had come or been pre-registered from that nation. However, I was constantly asking people if they had met or heard of anyone from Gambia. I had a burning within me to connect with someone from this country that I had been praying for.

Heading back to our hotel later in the day of the flag procession, I was amazed to see a woman get on OUR BUS with her sash or banner still on, that said "Gambia". We only had minutes to talk but it was so awesome. We thanked the Lord that we both spoke English. She shared with me that her husband had been a Muslim until he had a dream about Jesus. They both were saved and now are pastors of the church in their town, and she is the Aglow President in her area.

The Lord knew the desire of my heart and did the miracle to see it happen for which I am so very grateful. I am so pleased that this spring, we as Aglow have been praying more specifically for Gambia. I am also grateful for our leaders of Aglow for their faithfulness in this powerful, on target ministry which is led by Holy Spirit.

(Note: Aglow headquarters has now helped these two women to be in email contact with each other.)