born webWe Have Been Called With Great Purpose in the Earth!

As a Kingdom movement that is committed to bring Heaven’s plans to earth, Aglow continues to equip men and women globally to stand in the face of anti-Christ spirits that seek to destroy the seed planted long ago. Transformed, molded, and shaped for the future, we bring our inheritance into view as world systems collapse and the Government of God arises. Mantled with His Governmental authority, we confidently proclaim: We were born for this! – Jane Hansen Hoyt, President/CEO Aglow Int’l

choosen webWe are living in interesting times. I have spoken before of the increased sense of insanity in the atmosphere. . . . I believe we are living in a time when the enemy is being drawn out! We are seeing the ripening of evil. . . . But, God looked ahead and determined to have a prepared people on earth to carry out His plans in this exact time frame in history. We are a chosen and called people…for such a time as this.