choosen webWe are living in interesting times. I have spoken before of the increased sense of insanity in the atmosphere. . . . I believe we are living in a time when the enemy is being drawn out! We are seeing the ripening of evil. . . . But, God looked ahead and determined to have a prepared people on earth to carry out His plans in this exact time frame in history. We are a chosen and called people…for such a time as this.

Birth Pangs

mantled war webNote: This is an excerpt from a recent letter from Jane Hansen Hoyt, Aglow Int’l President/CEO. For the complete letter see Birth Pangs.

Positioned throughout the nations of the world, we recognize the birth pangs that are coming with increased intensity. We see the signs that point us to the Lord’s return. We know that war is in the atmosphere and we know that we have been mantled with Kingdom authority to stand as His people in the earth.

  • Realign where necessary and be willing to accept new assignments, for God is preparing us for something that is far greater than we have ever seen.
  • Stand firm in the Kingdom authority as God’s people in the earth.
  • Lord, open our eyes to see the signs around us that point to Your return.
  • Declare, Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord!