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Release Faith into the Atmosphere

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On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand. What truth! It is true in every area of life. Not just politically or governmentally. It means that every day of our life we can live in peace. We can lean into the power of Jesus’ Name. He is the Solid Rock. God sent His Son to show us the way.

I smile when I think of Him in the boat, in the midst of a storm on the Sea of Galilee. His disciples were with Him, and they grew concerned and afraid as water began filling the boat. My thought is that no one could sleep through a storm! Who does that? Jesus did! The words of the disciples clearly indicated that they felt uncared for as the waves continued to batter their boat. “Do You not care that we are perishing?” As He arose and spoke to the wind and the sea, Jesus said. “PEACE BE STILL” and a great calm followed. Then the words that must have rocked their world. “Why are you so fearful? Is it that you have no faith?” (Mark 4:35-41.) Jesus equates fear with no faith.

Aglow is a body of faith-filled believers…. standing in place…all over the world. We have been positioned by God to speak forth faith into the atmosphere.

WE KNOW HE CARES. WE KNOW HE IS AWARE OF THE WAVES THAT THREATEN TO OVERWHELM US. BUT HE SPEAKS THOSE SAME WORDS TO US. “WHY ARE YOU SO FEARFUL?” Nothing can undo or upset His ultimate plan. He looks to us to stand in faith, speaking it forth…bringing Heaven to earth…in every situation.

Keep releasing faith into the atmosphere over the nations of the world.

  • Lord, my hope is in You. My trust is in You. My joy is in You. I rest in You.
  • Lord, our faith rises in the power of Your Mighty Name. We speak to the overwhelming situations in our lives and in our nations, “Peace! Be still!”

For Such A Time As This

As we think about the story of Esther and the Hebrew celebration of Purim this month, stand courageous as the purposes of God are released from Heaven to earth through your prayer.

  • Lord, You said, all my life You have been preparing me for such a time as this. I receive it and I step into it.
  • Let Your promises to Israel be displayed in fullness. Turn the hearts of Jewish people worldwide towards You. Bless the land and people of Israel. Let Your promises to Israel expose and overpower all her enemies. Strengthen believers in Israel.
  • Cause the “Haman spirit” which opposes You, Lord, and Your people to be removed from influence. Bring Your people into places of influence in our nations.

God Has Given You Air Supremacy! Heaven to Earth Declarations to Propel the Kingdom

The apostolic, prophetic, praying church around the world has now established air supremacy over the enemy. You have air supremacy! Now go deal with the enemy and relentlessly drop “bombs” from the Heavenlies on him until he is no longer able to resist you. – Dutch Sheets at the Aglow Jubilee Conference.

In aerial warfare, air supremacy is the highest level of dominance when one side holds complete control of the skies. God has given us this domination over the works of the darkness in the earth. Decree the Kingdom of Heaven into the nations! Drop spiritual missiles that defeat the works of darkness on earth.

Air Supremacy over COVID-19 – Coronavirus

  • Continue to stand in faith, as those who carry Air Supremacy in prayer, to release protection, healing and solutions from Heaven to earth.
  • Stand in the authority we have been given by Almighty God to form a spiritual firewall against the coronavirus (COVID-19)
    • We declare shalom over people and cities that will displace fear. We have not been given a spirit of fear – but of power and love and a sound mind. (2 Tim. 1:7).
    • We draw the line as kingly priestly intercessors and declare that this virus will go no farther (Job 38:11)
    • Declare wisdom, truth and solutions from Heaven to earth for treatments and preventatives to remove the threat of COVID-19
    • To COVID-19 throughout the world, we decree, “Stop! No more!”
  • Pray for people you know who are suffering from COVID-19. If you are suffering, receive your healing as we pray.
    • Lord, You said . . . Jesus carried my sin to the cross and by His stripes, I am healed. – I Peter 2:24
    • Lord, You said . . . Jesus came to destroy ALL the works of the devil. – I John 3:8
    • Lord, You said . . . YOU will restore my health and heal my wounds. – Jeremiah 30:17
    • Lord, You said . . . my faith makes me well. I can go in peace and be healed of ALL sickness. – Mark 5:34

GameChangers Healing Cards

Aglow in the Gates of Nations

We are praying for Aglow to be affiliated in every nation of the world. We are very close to reaching that goal. Let’s continue to move forward together, a company of champions and global leaders of significance, to see Every nation touched, every heart changed.

This month pray especially for: Greenland, Guadeloupe, Guam, Iran, Iraq

  • Pray that more would hear the call to "go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation" and then answer the call with "yes, Lord. Send me!"
  • Pray for passion to fulfill Jesus’ apostolic commission to establish the Kingdom of God in the nations.
  • Pray that an Aglow Prayer Group will be established in the capital cities of these nations.
  • Pray for Aglow to establish powerful Kingdom Communities founded on the fullness of Christ in these nations.
  • Pray there is an opening for Aglow International to cultivate a presence in this nation that creates an atmosphere of celebration, impartation and restoration.
  • Pray for Christians in these nations to grow in courage and an overcoming spirit
  • Pray also for these nations where Aglow has a presence. Pray for a greater influence for the Kingdom of Heaven. Pray for new leaders to arise, and pray for younger generations as they respond to the call of leadership in Aglow.

EuropeEgypt, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland. France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man

Nancy McDaniel


Nancy McDaniel
Prayer Director
Aglow International
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