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Come Unto Me!

fall_dinner It was a beautifully set table, all decorated for Fall.

Last evening was one of those evenings that will live in my memory for many years.

It wasn’t a gala, or a gathering of many for a dinner party. It was just Tony and me, sitting with Bob and Lisa (my daughter and her husband) at a beautifully set table, all decorated for Fall. Of course, I must add that the food was out of this world. Some might call it comfort food. Chicken pot pie, made by her hands, and it was yummy. But the best part was just being together, talking, remembering past times and talking about current times. It was warm, beautiful, familiar and yet new. We have had wonderful times like this with Tiffany and Scott (my son and his wife) as well, with the same sense and peace in just being together. There is something God builds in those unhurried times together around a dinner table.  It seems that He builds the depth of relationship as nothing else can. It is a place of hearing one another’s hearts.

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The Announcement That Changed the World



I love the joyous sounds of Christmas. Those sounds fill the airwaves, have you noticed? There are special school events, choir concerts, children singing in the malls and sacred, heart-stirring hymns of the season filling the atmosphere everywhere. It brings the Light that dispels the darkness. It is, “Radiant beams from Thy Holy face, with the dawn of redeeming grace…”


The angel said, “Don’t be afraid. I’m here to announce a great and joyful event that is meant for everybody, worldwide: A Savior has just been born in David’s town, a Savior who is Messiah and Master. This is what you’re to look for: a baby wrapped in a blanket and lying in a manger.”

At once the angel was joined by a huge angelic choir singing God’s praise:

Glory to God in the Heavenly heights, Peace to all men and women on earth who please Him. Luke 2:11-14 The Message

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steppe eagle eagle steppe nature 158330 small web"...we are designed to live from Heaven to earth."We live in a world of change.  Life is about change.  Changing global pressures that require new solutions.  Changing social issues that seem to jar our senses.  Changing weather patterns that cause us to wonder about the greater issue of climate change.  Change is all around us.

Then there are the more personal changes that can alter life as we have known it. The death of a spouse.  Changing family dynamics.  Changes in relationships.  Changing health issues…and the list goes on. 

Yes, life is change! 

The very nature of change can be exciting and unsettling simultaneously, depending on the nature of the change.  Change can be a good thing.  It can bring fresh, new opportunities and fresh perspectives that add a sense of liveliness and a feeling of exhilaration and spontaneity to our lives in a healthy way.

There are times when change is forced upon us and it can bring grief, uncertainty and life alterations that are difficult to navigate.  Several years ago, I experienced the death of my husband.  There was a huge sense of loss and grief.  But, it was also disorienting.  I had been part of a couple for years.  Now what was I?  I had been a wife, now I was single.  It seemed that many aspects of my life were now vastly different than what I had known for over 30 years and it would take time to learn how to walk in a different reality. 

 Some have experienced the loss of a child.  I watched my parents experience the loss of their only son when he was just 29 years of age.  The grief was fierce. 

Then there are things like a sudden job loss or a change in your financial stability.  Something life altering has been thrust upon you and you cannot find your footing.  Change
can happen quickly and at any point.

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