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Stewardship is the Key to Prosperity

It is required in stewards that one be found faithful. - 1 Corinthians 4:2

God has blessed us with two Aglow couples who through their own lives and business experiences have learned and lived the principles of godly stewardship. Currently, they are working with Global Headquarters as Stewardship Ambassadors to help:

  • Raise awareness of transformational giving opportunities
  • Encourage Aglow champions and help raise up new champions
  • Raise new & increased revenue through:
    • New donor gifts
    • New Global Partnerships
    • New A-Company monthly donors

The Stewardship Ambassadors are a support and extension in the field of the fund development efforts initiated by Aglow Global Headquarters. They meet with headquarters leadership throughout the year by phone and in person, to pray and discuss godly stewardship for the Aglow ministry. They serve in the Ministry Booth at our conferences and would love to meet you and share with you about stewardship and the many opportunities available for you to invest in Aglow.

Meet Aglow's Stewardship Ambassadors

Al and Laurie Belanger
Al and Laurie Belanger

Everything we own, including our faith, comes from God. Stewardship is how we responsibly care for these gifts from Him.

God is love and love is generous, so if we want to be like God, then we too will desire to be generous. There is no greater return on your money than to invest it in God’s Kingdom!

Gary and Kathie Williams
Gary and Kathie Williams

Doors are opening worldwide for Aglow. We do not want lack of finances to stop us from entering these doors of opportunity.

Jane Hansen Hoyt
"I believe we are in a time of breakthrough. God has spoken 'increase' over this ministry. The Stewardship Ambassadors will stir the passion God has placed in our hearts to give so that when we give, we do not give out of lack, we give out of His abundance! His paths drip with it!"

Jane Hansen Hoyt
President/CEO Aglow International
Laurie Lischke
"I welcome and encourage you to join me in investing in a movement that is changing lives and impacting nations for eternity. Every nation touched, every heart changed!"

Laurie Lischke

Director of Donor Relations
Aglow International