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In 1967, Aglow began with ordinary women who were drawn together to pray, study the Word, worship and live life lead by the Holy Spirit. They form the foundation on which Aglow was built. The story that follows is a beautiful example of those pioneers; a story of 2 women who served and became friends in Aglow and how that connection impacted the life of a son who is now giving his life to minister and heal others through medicine.

This is their story:

A Legacy Goes Forward

eye-examJuanita had discovered that she was in need of cataract surgery. While on her way to the surgical appointment, she had no idea how her day would be impacted by that visit.

In Juanita’s words: I wasn’t nervous about the surgery because I knew Jesus was in control. When I walked into Dr. Cameron’s* office, I noticed Bibles and Christian literature all around the waiting room. There were also brochures about the doctor’s mission work in Ghana and his clinic there. I knew I was in good hands.

Because of his last name, I suspected that he might be the son of a long time Aglow friend. I asked him if his mother was Nancy Cameron.* He was surprised and asked how I knew his mom. I told him we were friends in Aglow serving on different local boards a number of years ago. He immediately asked how Aglow was doing and if I was still involved. When I told him I was and gave him an update of the amazing work Aglow is accomplishing in over 170 nations, he was truly blessed. He encouraged me to ’continue to do what I am doing for the Lord.’

I was totally unprepared for what happened next.

Dr. Cameron said he was going to waive the $375 fee for my surgery and told me to, ’Give it to Aglow so the ministry can go forth!’ I was stunned!


I asked about his mom and learned that she continues to be a blessing by teaching the Bible to the women in the retirement community where she lives. Once Aglow, always Aglow!

The lives of Juanita, Dr. Cameron and his mother, Nancy were indelibly impacted by Aglow. When asked what was most significant about Aglow, Juanita’s response was not unlike so many others we have heard over the years. She replied; Aglow has been the greatest avenue for my spiritual growth! THE LEGACY HAS CONTINUED THROUGH GENERATIONS. THAT IS THE AGLOW STORY!

More Will be Touched

Through Aglow, women like Juanita and Nancy were nurtured and mentored for the work of the Lord. Doctor Cameron is a testimony of that legacy.  

While millions of lives have been touched over the nearly half century of Aglow’s existence, there are literally billions still to be reached. Because of YOU, Dr. Cameron was touched…because of you many more WILL be touched!  

With love and blessings,

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Jane Hansen Hoyt
Aglow International

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* Names and photo have been changed for privacy.