Fireside Chats

Recently we received an email from Maggie Sullivan from the Sheridan, WY Aglow Lighthouse. After hearing about Fireside Chats at the Aglow 50th Anniversary conference in Richmond, VA, Maggie felt it was the perfect addition needed for those who had completed the GameChangers and LifeChangers personal development courses. Some continued to go join each time one of the courses was offered again. People were coming for fellowship and to receive more from the truths taught by Graham Cooke.

Finding the Fireside Chats on the Aglow website, Maggie printed out each real life story that had practical applications for the group. She noticed that when the first group came together to experience their first Fireside Chat, they could only get through a couple of paragraphs as they were amazed by what God was revealing to each one. They could not wait to get together for their next meeting.

Because of different people joining the group, they kept starting over to allow the new members to catch up. Now, the group takes turns allowing for others to grow as facilitators. They find great joy together in discovering what the Holy Spirit has for them.

Because God is a relational Father, Fireside Chats breakdown the group dynamics of having only one speaker who talks and turns the group into one that grows together in a relational way. Knowing who others are according to how they are known in Heaven is key for Lighthouses that are becoming a gift of God to the community. Fireside Chats are designed to move Aglow groups out of the four walls into the visual aid of God’s love that is seen in action in the community.

Check out Fireside Chats and see what God will do in your Aglow group.