God Taught Us To Live Above Chaos

Aglow has carried out the task entrusted to us during a national crises. In the face of injustice, abuse, oppression of the poor, collapse of the legal system, looting, violence of the wicked, we put our trust in God, the source of our strength, recognizing that we were called for high purposes.

“There is joy in our hearts to once again see that Aglow International is an army with the heart of a family,” writes Dalila Villasmil, Aglow Venezuela National Board Secretary.

Aglow Bolivia Leadership

In Graham Cooke's Sunday morning message at the Aglow Jubilee Global Conference he declared that this year will be an Ephesians 3:20 year, and this is exactly what Aglow Bolivia is doing.

Aglow women and men around the world are on the move for Jesus, and we wonder at times if Aglow is already in every nation of the world!

Invigorated by the Christmas spirit that glows with the radiant light of His Son, the ever-ready Aglow Venezuela did an outreach at the Vereda del Lago in Maracaibo.