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Note: Group registration closes October 27. Individual registration remains open until December 1.

Group Webcast Agreement

Group Administrator agrees to:

  • Remit a $15.00 registration fee to Aglow International for each person attending your webcast.  You should set a registration fee that covers the $15.00 to Aglow as well as the Group Administrator’s costs (license fee, venue rental and any other costs associated with your webcast).  However, the minimum registration fee is $15.00 per person to Aglow International.
  • Receive offerings during offering times on the webcast. At least 75% of amount received to be remitted to Aglow International; up to 25% may be retained by group to cover costs involved in running the group webcast.
  • Capture all attendee information on the attendee registration form provided by Aglow International, and return all forms to Aglow International Headquarters, Attn: Nancy Gandall.
  • Secure, arrange, and guarantee payment for any venue or hotel room block the group may require.

(Group Webcast FAQ | Group Webcast Checklist)