2016 conf head groupWebcastFAQ

What if my Group is in a different time zone?

The conference times can be customized to your group’s needs. Sessions will be archived within 3 hours of the conclusion of each session. Therefore, you can start, stop, rewind any session at a time that is convenient for you. And of course, you can watch live as well.

Do group webcast attendees pay a registration fee?

Yes, each person who attends a group webcast is required to pay a registration fee. The fee amount will be determined by the group webcast administrator. The registration fee covers the cost of running the webcast. $15.00 of that registration fee goes back to Aglow International, along with a completed registration form for each attendee.

Will the webcast be offered in any other languages besides English?

This year’s conference will only be offered in English.

How do I know what/when things will happen on the webcast?

Approximately 2 weeks before the conference begins, you will receive an email with an “Order of Service” document. This document will outline when things happen during the general sessions.

When do the webcast groups receive offerings?

The webcast groups should receive offerings in correspondence with the offerings taking place live on the webcast. At least 75% of what is received is to be remitted to Aglow International Headquarters; and up to 25% may be used to cover any costs that the Group Administrator needs to cover expenses.

Can we hold other meetings during our webcast?

Yes, as you are setting your own conference schedule, be sure to include time for any ministry meetings and meal breaks.

How do I let people know about our Webcast viewing?

Here are some tips for attracting people to attend your webcast group:

  1. Emails to area Aglow constituents (Large group licensees can request an Excel document with the email addresses for all Aglow constituents in their state)
  2. Announce your webcast group at area and local lighthouse meetings and other meetings you may attend.
  3. Create a flyer to post in public locations like community centers, libraries, Christian bookstores, local newspaper church calendars, etc. You can download the conference logo and a flyer shell from the 2016 conference media kit.

Where should I hold my webcast group?

There are many types of venues you can consider for your webcast group. Churches, hotel meeting rooms, college campuses may have the webcasting equipment you need in order to view the webcast readily available. Community centers and clubhouses may also work if you already have the equipment needed to view the webcast and can transport it to the venue. Most of these places come with a cost and contracts to sign. If you would like, someone at Aglow Headquarters can review contracts you may need to sign.

What do I do if I need technical support?

Fresh Audio Video is happy to help you have a successful webcast! Please contact Fresh Audio Video technical support as soon as possible to determine what your technical needs are for your group. If you would like, Fresh Audio Video can work with the A/V company at your venue to make sure the equipment will work seamlessly. The phone number for technical support is: (719) 687-5338.

Delayed Viewing

If you miss the live webcast of any session, you can view it later! Your Webcast subscription includes delayed viewing privileges through December 15, 2016. The sessions will become available for delayed viewing about 3 hours after the conclusion of each session.