In 2013, at Aglow’s first GameChangers event, Graham Cooke made an insightful statement when he said, “It takes a long time to prepare a people group.”  This year we are excited to once again host a Leaders’ Summit, followed by – The Right Time breakout groups.

Because Aglow is about the development of leaders, you are encouraged to attend the Leaders’ Summit where the next phase of our growth will be experienced.  

We realize that Aglow is in a transition time where we are moving out of a Church culture into a Kingdom culture. The Right Time breakouts groups will be an interactive place that will help move us forward in this transition. You will not want to miss the interaction and discussion.

Here are possible topics (still in development stage) that could be discussed during The Right Time breakout groups:

  • What does it mean to transition from a Church culture to a Kingdom culture?
  • What does it mean that the mandates as we have known them have gone to a new place?
  • What should a Lighthouse group be doing to propel the Kingdom forward?
  • What is the emerging Ecclesia?
  • What does an emerging International Church look and sound like?
  • What are some of the prophetic words over the ministry that are yet to be fulfilled?
  • What does it mean to host the Presence of God? To be a Living Tabernacle?
  • Who is Aglow within the community today?  Within the earth?
  • What does it mean to be an end time army?  How can we prepare?  Aren’t we going to be raptured?