Are You Excited About What God Is Doing In Aglow? Then We Need You In Spokane!

Aglow International has selected the city of Spokane, Washington as the site of its 2018 U. S. National Conference, scheduled for November 1st through the 4th at the Spokane Convention Center.

Would you like to be a part of the behind the scenes conference community at our Aglow 2018 US National Conference? We would love for you to join us! We at Aglow headquarters are so grateful for your willingness to serve and help us set the stage for God to move at this year’s US National Conference. The Lord is doing BIG things in and through Aglow International and YOU are part of that! We would love to have you as a part of the team that puts together what will be one of our most exciting conferences yet, and Spokane, Washington is the setting!

If you are interested in volunteering this year and would like more information, download our Volunteer Form. We have 20 committees and each of the committees needs volunteers to help. Please pray about which committee the Lord is calling you to help with at this year’s conference.

If you live in the following states: Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Northern Idaho we are excited to be able to invite you to apply for a position on our General Conference Support Team, an important part of every Aglow conference. The General Conference Support Team (GCST) is a group of leaders (you do not need to be in an Aglow leadership position to apply) who live within commuting distance of the conference city.

This year the GCST is made up of 20 committees. Each of these committees needs a Chair and Co-Chair to oversee the committee, recruit volunteers, and help us, the Aglow International staff, to put on the conference. If you are interested in applying for a chair/co-chair position, please fill out the GCST Application Form, and either mail or email a copy to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There is also a link to our 2018 Aglow International GCST General Information document. This document will lead you, in more detail, through the ins and outs of serving on this year’s GCST.

GCST Online Volunteer Application Form

pdf icon small GCST Application Form (downloadable print version)

pdf icon small GCST General Information Document

Listed below are the GCST Committees for this year’s conference. Click on the name of the committee and a description will appear providing the committees’ qualifications, responsibilities, and general summary.

We realize some of you live too far from Spokane to take an active part in the GCST. However, we do covet your prayers and would be very blessed to have you join us as volunteers working on GCST committees at conference. (Please be sure to fill out the volunteer form and a member of our GCST will contact you as conference approaches).

If you desire to be a part of the GCST but have additional questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. via email or by telephone at 425-275-0231.

We encourage each of you to pray about how the Lord may want to use you in this endeavor.


1. Aglow Store Committee

Volunteers on this committee serve as assistants to the Aglow headquarter staff at the Aglow Store in the marketplace. The volunteers help with customer service, re-stocking products, line control, and whatever else is needed in the store. Retail experience is a bonus but not required.

2. Airport Hospitality Committee

Volunteers on this committee serve as the conference greeters for those traveling by air. The friendly face of an Aglow hostess is extremely important as it is the attendees’ first impression of the event and city.

3. Banquet and Decorations Committee

This committee works closely with SECO and the Conference Décor and Ambience Director, who are responsible for the overall décor of the conference. This committee assists in the creation and assembly of conference decorations, and performs other duties, as applicable, related to official Aglow International food functions.

4. Finance Committee

Working closely with Aglow’s finance team, volunteers of this committee will play an important role in the process of counting offerings and assisting the Aglow Finance Director as needed. These volunteers are required to have experience in banking or finance.

5. Gifts to the City Committee

This committee is responsible for recommending local charities within the conference city to SECO. The volunteers will also be responsible for the collection of gifts which will be given to a local charity in the conference city or state.

6. Hotel Hospitality Committee

This committee serves as Aglow ambassadors greeting attendees within conference hotels. They also provide conference information and directions to conference activities.

7. Human Arrow Committee

Volunteers of this committee are readily accessible to provide necessary directional support for conference attendees to the various functions taking place during the conference.

8. Information/Lost and Found Committee

As members of "command central", these volunteers are the "go to" people for conference. They are available to provide various types of information about Aglow, the conference, and the city. From managing the message board to the task of logging in lost items for safekeeping and eventual return, these volunteers are well able to provide any assistance as needed.

9. Marketplace Committee

Volunteers of this committee act as greeters and hostesses to both vendors and conference attendees while they experience the Aglow Marketplace. They may provide assistance to vendors regarding set-up or aid in guiding attendees to various vendor locations.

10. Mothers' Nursery Room Committee

This committee is responsible for the creation of a comfortable, yet functional, unmanned nursery to be used by Aglow mothers and guardians of young children.

11. Pastors' Liaison Committee

The Chair and Co-Chair of this committee serve as ambassadors of Aglow to the pastoral community in the conference city/state. They encourage leaders on the local lighthouse and area leadership teams to bless the pastors and their spouses on behalf of the Aglow ministry.

12. Prayer Committee

The Chair and Co-Chair oversee intercession for the conference before, during and after actual conference dates. They also give oversight to the Prayer Chapel. Individuals who serve in this position are usually State Prayer Coordinators and serve under the direction of the Aglow Prayer Program Director.

13. Prayer Ministry Team Committee

Volunteers on this committee serve as prayer ministry team members ministering to individuals during conference. They also design and provide supplies for the Prayer Ministry Room.

14. Production and Stage Support Committee

Volunteers on this committee assist SECO with security, communication, and other activities which take place in the general session and green rooms.

15. Radio Communications Committee

This committee is responsible for the check-in and check-out of radios, general technical problem solving, and overall inventory. SECO will provide training for volunteers of this committee.

16. Registration Committee

Under the supervision of the Finance Office, members of this committee will assist with various aspects of on-site conference registration, including program and name badge distribution.

17. Signs Committee

This committee is responsible for the distribution of conference signs, ensuring their timely placement and removal. A professional sign company will handle the printing of the signs. However, it would be helpful to have on hand, one or two volunteers with computer knowledge in the case any last minute signs need to be created/printed onsite.

18. Usher Committee

Volunteers of this committee serve as ushers in all general sessions. They are responsible for checking badges, receiving offerings, providing information, and assisting individuals to their seats.

19. VIP Committee

Volunteers of this committee have the special task of ensuring VIPs receive top treatment throughout their entire conference experience. This committee has two sub committees:
VIP Guides: One responsibility includes escorting VIPs through discreet routes to and from Aglow activities.
VIP Transportation: This committee provides local transportation for SECO designated personnel to and from Aglow hotels and convention center meetings.

20. Welcome Wagon Hospitality Committee

This committee designs and prepares welcome gift baskets for program participants and others as specified by SECO.