Wyoming Aglow Prison Ministry LifeChangers Group

The Wyoming Aglow Prison Team recently finished showing the LifeChangers DVDs to a group of inmates at the WY Women’s Center. Each month they showed a DVD, stopping once in a while for discussion, then reviewed that session’s keys the following month, before showing the next session. Instead of the usual worship time, a track from Graham’s ‘Becoming the Beloved’ was listened to each month, with the words printed out for the inmates to keep.

Two sets of LifeChangers DVDs were placed in the Chaplain’s library, so that the session could be checked out to watch for review, or if they had missed it, before the following month.

The group received real and lasting transformation as a result of going through the LifeChangers DVDs. An Aglow team member writes, “One of the inmates was still bubbling over with the fact that after years of depression and meds to deal with the agony of abuse. In her own words, ‘No more meds, no more meltdowns, no more anger issues, no more depression!’ She will continue to be a living witness of the power of Jesus to heal the broken hearted, and experience the joy of the Lord!”

Find out more about GameChangers and LifeChangers. The workbooks and DVDs can be purchased through The Aglow Store.