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Dear Aglow Family,

I am still in awe of the powerful word God spoke to this ministry through the mouth of Asher Intrater. Asher had just finished his first message as a speaker for our 2009 Worldwide Conference when he called me to join him. He delivered the word and then extended an invitation to respond. Those attending the conference flooded the front and filled the aisles in a positive response.

Later, as I watched the end of that session on DVD with the leadership team at the Worldwide Headquarters, I found myself responding again to the Lord’s desire and purpose for each one of us in Aglow. The significance of this word is vital to our future as a unified army of Esthers, it needs to be shared in its entirety with every member of Aglow worldwide. Below you will find the word to Aglow and my prayer response in Aglow’s behalf.

Word to Aglow through Asher Intrater

Jane, come up for a moment. I just have a word of prophecy here. There is an anointing upon Jane and upon all of Aglow to carry the mantle and the image of Queen Esther. Esther went through three stages and Jane I speak this over you and over all of Aglow. I want all of you to receive this.

Three Stages of Esther’s Bridal Journey

The first stage is bridal intimacy with the King; one with God, worshipping Him. I pray and prophesy and bless you Jane, and all of Aglow, that you have that mantle of queenly, bridal intimacy with the King in worship.

But then she (Esther) went into a second stage where she was challenged to fight the End Times battle of the antichrist and save the Jewish people. She knew she had Jewish roots before that, but didn’t want to talk about it. She prayed and fasted and said yes, Lord, I will. And you, Jane, and you, all of Aglow, you’ve been called for such a time as this, to stand up and be the End-Times-interceding Esther church to tear down the antichrist, and to stand with Israel through the battles of the End Times.

Tonight I want to bless you and pray for you and prophesy over you that you will go on to the third stage, and this is tonight’s message: After that she (Esther) took up her place to rule and reign together [with her King] over this planet. She took up a mantle of authority, of government, of the Kingdom of God. Lord I pray for this three-fold cord blessing over Jane, over all of Aglow: The bridal intimacy of Esther; fighting the battles of the End Times, tearing down the antichrist and standing with the people of Israel through the End Times. And thirdly, walking out in royalty and taking up a position of ruling and reining [in] the government and the Kingdom of God: Heaven and earth joined together.

Three Questions

I want to pray these 3 questions that I ask for you. God I ask You to make this happen, Lord. Don’t let this just be a prayer or a teaching, Lord. I’m asking You to transfer this mantle, this authority, this destiny right now to Aglow, Lord. If I never do anything else in my life, Lord God, may this transfer happen right now. Lord Jesus, You’ve been waiting for a bride to be ready, to be co-warriors on earth with your warriors in heaven, and I say to You, Lord, here they are. They are volunteering, Lord. They’re enlisting. Father, I pray that right now this would be the beginning of Revelation 19:7 coming true, and the bride is making herself ready to receive Jesus and His army to come back, Lord. These men, these women, are standing before You, Jesus and saying, “We are ready to believe! We are ready to receive!  We are ready to invite! We are ready to invade! We are ready to take possession! We are ready to fight together with You, Jesus!  Your army and our army together, we are ready!”

And Father, I pray for it to spread from this group, this conference, out to all the Aglow chapters and to the body of Christ worldwide. That the body of Christ, the bride of Christ internationally, would begin to be ready to receive the Commander of the armies of the Lord of Hosts to return! Hallelujah.

Secondly Lord, I pray over Aglow just as Gabriel spoke over Mary, and said that the Spirit of the Lord and the Power of the Lord will come upon you, and something will be born of you that will release the Kingdom of God into this earth. I pray Lord, not just the Mary of Bethany anointing, but Mary -- Miriam (“Mary” in Hebrew), the mother of Yeshua, to intercede as she interceded to bring Yeshua into the earth the first time. You will receive the power of the Holy Spirit to bring Him into the earth the second time.  I pray for the Spirit and the power of the Lord to come upon you as it came upon Miriam, and you will become pregnant with the vision of the Kingdom of God invading this earth.  You will become pregnant, not with the first coming of Jesus, but with the second coming of Jesus.

I pray this over you, I bless this over you, and I prophesy this over you right now. Like the Angel Gabriel I say, “May the power and the Spirit of the Lord come upon you! And you will give birth to something that is of Almighty God.”

And I pray this, Father, to spread to Aglow chapters in 170 nations, that there’s going to be thousands and thousands of Aglow chapters interceding, giving birth in the spirit, groaning and interceding until Jesus comes back to this planet!

And excuse me for the physicality of this parable, but as Mary’s womb had to be stretched open to get Jesus into this planet, the womb of your faith is going to be stretched. It’s going to be stretched so wide open that millions of warrior angels are going to come invading out of heaven through you, through your faith, through your womb of intercession, and take possession of this earth!

Praying the Protection of Joseph

And I pray over you like Joseph, the adopting father of Jesus, who, God told, “Look, the powers of this world are trying to kill Mary. Get her over here; move her over there; move her over there.” And I pray for you as you accept this anointing; the devil is going to try to kill you, because this is what he doesn’t want. And I pray right now over you, a protection like Joseph. Mary was the hero, not Joseph. You’re the hero, not me. I want to pray for your protection and say the devil will not get to you, by dreams, by directions, by angels; you will be protected until this vision comes to pass.

Transferring the Mantle to Aglow

And the last thing, I want to give you this mantle. I would be lying to you if I would tell you this wasn’t on me. I tell you the truth, it’s too heavy. I’m asking you to take it. Jesus said, blessed are the meek because they will take possession of planet earth. And I want to give you the End Times mantle of Joshua, that you will take dominion over this planet. That you will go out and repossess the earth, that you will take dominion over it in the authority and in the name of Yeshua, Jesus, the Messiah, the Creator, the Owner, the Conqueror. I’m asking you, Aglow, to take this mantle; to take dominion and repossess planet earth, men and women taking dominion over the planet.

Israel and the Church agreeing together to covenant to take this planet, and then rebuking the spirits of the UN, of Islam, of everything that is saying, that piece of property [Israel] doesn’t belong to Jesus.

This is the end of the game, ladies and gentlemen. We’re not going to settle for anything less are we? We talked today about proclaiming and believing and prophesying. If we’re going to proclaim and believe and prophesy, let’s just go for the whole thing. Jesus comes back, the devil is kicked off, and we, together with Him, take dominion over this planet again! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Come Lord Jesus! May Your kingdom come, may Your will be done on this earth as it is in heaven! Come Lord Jesus! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!

My Prayer Response to God’s Call

God, today, we acknowledge, just as Mary did, that You have imparted something into this ministry that You intend to bring forth in real life in the earth. Your word of promise has come that we will be protected until this vision is fulfilled. But part of protection is provision. God as we move about, heavy with child, I am asking, I am proclaiming, I am declaring, that provision, Your provision, is ours. That you will give us what we need to survive and not just survive, but thrive. You will give us that provision.

I ask that You bring forth a united company of Marys; that all vain arguments and conflicts that bring division and take up our time, our strength, and our energy will be cut free from this ministry. That those who cannot walk with us will go in a direction that they feel they can follow and will not distract or delay what You are doing.

We are at a place where we need to give ourselves to this; we feel like this is our destiny, it’s our purpose. And we need help with even articulating this to the field in a way that rallies people, in a way that brings greater revelation and greater understanding.

I feel like it was Jehosophat who said, “I don’t know what to do, but my eye is upon You.” And we can say the same thing. We don’t know what to do but our eye is upon You. We want to be delivered of this life that is within us. We want to carry it joyfully, deliberately, in a strong way. But we need You to come and turn the water into wine. The wine of the old season has run out. That wine no longer has life in it. It’s gone.  So as we have poured water into the pots, doing what we know to do, I’m asking You to come and miraculously change our puny efforts of water into wine (John 2).

I think of Nonnie (McVeigh, president of Aglow Britain) saying to me that she’s just listening to this call over and over and over again, just saturating herself in what was spoken. I pray that [saturation] is multiplied across the face of the earth; that we take seriously what happened at our conference, that it not dissipate, but it grow in strength and life. We cut off confusion, dissention that comes through voices, arguments that come through people, all the fleshly things that come to wear down the saints. I speak a falling away to anything that distracts and detracts from the central thing.

We just focus and center on the beauty of our relationship with You and we say, You are so beautiful to us. We thank You for what You’re doing and how You’re drawing our hearts and speaking into our hearts, focusing us, and, like Mary we say, give unto us according to Your word. Thank You, Lord.  Heal our bodies, lift weariness, lift discouragement, lift stress, for the battle is not ours, it is Yours. We don’t pick up our war weapons and try to fight a battle that we will surely lose. We welcome You in to fight the battle, to bring forth in the earth fully what you intend, in us and in Aglow. And everybody said, Amen.

As the understanding of this significant word continues to unfold, we put our trust completely in God, knowing that He who has called us is more than enough to bring His word to completion.

In His love and mine,

Jane Hansen Hoyt
Aglow International
(425) 775-7282
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P.S. Just as those in attendance when this word was given were invited to come forward to indicate their willingness to accept this impartation from God, I want to give you a similar opportunity.

If you are willing to become part of the united company of Marys fulfilling the call to the Bride to make herself ready for the coming of the Bridegroom, reply to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
If you are also willing to allow God to use you to be an avenue of protective provision for this ministry as we move into the fulfillment of this vision, indicate below. Together, we will become the company of Marys that will give birth to the release of the Kingdom of God.

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