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What Exactly Does Aglow Do?

sunrise webA friend spoke recently at an Aglow event. Following the meeting, someone new to the Aglow scene, asked the question, What exactly does Aglow 'do'?

Our human inclination is to pop out a concise list of things that we feel somehow qualifies us as a worthy ministry and would equally impress the listener to the degree that they would want to become a part of us. Such is human nature.

I find within my heart that same desire, yet I also realize that the very birth of Aglow is a miracle that has been sustained for 47 years by the on-going, powerful work of the Holy Spirit. My thoughts turn to exalt the Majesty of God and His unspeakable wisdom. Who can respond to this simple question of what we do in a meaningful way? Who can measure the work of God’s Spirit in ways that qualify us in the sight of others?

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Time for Show and Tell

Ruth-webI feel there are those who are struggling or even disheartened regarding what appears to be the slowness of the fulfillment of a word or a promise that you know God has spoken to you. The time has come and gone, days, weeks, months and yes, even years without this promise coming to fulfillment.

Something rose up in me last evening. It was a huge sense of hope and joy for what is about to break forth in your life. You didn't hear incorrectly.  But The promise has been delayed for a great purpose.

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The Bride Makes Herself Ready

Olivia and DustinThis past July 31, 2015, we had a wedding in our family. You know, there is nothing quite like the anticipation of a wedding. A certain sense of expectation and excitement fills the air from the moment the couple becomes engaged right up to the event itself. For some reason, that awareness and the accompanying excitement are never far from your thinking.

It begins with the big items like selecting the venue. Will it be large enough to hold all the family and friends who will be on the invitation list? This is a time to consider strongly the requirements of marriage and the things God has to say about marriage.

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