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Sweet Waters of Truth


Sweet Waters of Truth graphicPeggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal shared some interesting insights recently that really caught my attention. Think about the fact that, “In the past, when the world was in crisis there would be a ‘cluster of geniuses,’ men and women of the hour, that were in place and able to deal with the situations which had arisen, leading the world through the time of stress. 

In the initial formation of America, there were men like Washington, Franklin, Madison, Hamilton, Monroe and others. At the time of World War II, there was Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Charles De Gaulle, the President of France. In the 1980’s we saw John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Lech Walesa and Vaclav Havel lead the world through crisis.”

They were historic figures needed in historic circumstances. We are living in such a time now.

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Expect the Impossible

Pregnant WomanLet me tell you about someone who received an unexpected gift after years of disappointment, of hoping, waiting, and perhaps times of giving up. I am talking about a story that unfolds in Luke 1. It is the story of Zacharias and Elizabeth.

Zacharias and Elizabeth were both righteous people. They both walked in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord…blameless! Yet, they had no child! Elizabeth was barren and now they were both well advanced in years!

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A Call to Unity

jane blog capitolWe have just returned from Aglow’s U.S National Conference in San Diego, CA. In my opening message, I made the statement that “This event is not a conference; it is an assignment!” I quoted Chuck Pierce as saying, “For the last 8 years winds have been blowing in the heavens. But now those winds are released to come into the earth realm. What has been stirring in Heaven will now blow in the earth. Brace yourself! The winds that will now blow are the winds I’ve been holding back these last 8 years, and now I will release them."

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