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Prepared For This Time

When Isaiah, the prophet prophesied In Isaiah 60 that darkness would cover the earth and deep darkness the people, he also spoke a balancing word of truth. The certainty that as the darkness grew darker, a light would arise in the midst of the darkness. 

            The Lord will arise over you and His glory will be seen upon you!

As the darkness increases in the earth, there are many stirrings in the atmosphere.  Scientology…Ramadan…shootings…bombings…extreme weather patterns…earthquakes… It is as though a permeating darkness can be felt as we listen to the daily news, news that saddens and shocks our hearts. 

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Living in High Definition

We live in a time when the term “high definition” is spoken of related to our televisions and other media equipment.   High Definition, sometimes casually referred to as “high-def” simply put, refers to an increase in visual resolution that gives a clarity so sharp that you feel as though you are actually entering into what you are viewing.   Technology continues to develop and we all experience the pleasure of those breakthroughs.  Long gone are the days of Rabbit ear antenna’s and snowy pictures. 

Let’s apply the term “high definition” in another way, a way that also has brought a clarity so sharp that we are actually viewing life differently.  It is the fresh awareness of our identity in Christ and the clear focus that follows that revelation.

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Ancient Promise...Present Reality


Some prophetic words are so big it is hard to live with them.  They overwhelm us.  The implications are massive.  They open up such a huge space around us that we feel small and insignificant inside it.  God has spoken and we must grow to fit what He has seen in us.  

Prophecy unlocks the intentionality of God.  It declares to the world:  “This is the way it will be” – and we get to be involved in the process! 


After prophecy is received the process of development comes.  Before prophecy can be fulfilled in its entirety, it must live in our hearts.  We need to abide in the word, think deeply, meditate over it, and make it an occasion for praise and worship.

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