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Welcome to 2013!

I have such excitement in my spirit about this New Year. It is not based on the negative thinking that can come by looking at the earthly kingdom our feet are standing on, but by walking with our hearts and minds firmly focused on the reality of the Heavenly Kingdom we are on earth representing.

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Living in High Definition

We live in a time when the term “high definition” is spoken of related to our televisions and other media equipment.   High Definition, sometimes casually referred to as “high-def” simply put, refers to an increase in visual resolution that gives a clarity so sharp that you feel as though you are actually entering into what you are viewing.   Technology continues to develop and we all experience the pleasure of those breakthroughs.  Long gone are the days of Rabbit ear antenna’s and snowy pictures. 

Let’s apply the term “high definition” in another way, a way that also has brought a clarity so sharp that we are actually viewing life differently.  It is the fresh awareness of our identity in Christ and the clear focus that follows that revelation.

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Glad Tidings Of Great Joy

Can you believe that Christmas Day is less than a month away!

This is the time of year when we get out the Christmas decorations that have been stored away since the last holiday season. Many memories flood our mind as we look at things that remind us of Christmases past. Treasured, special times we have had with family and friends.

What a joyous time of year this is. The air is filled with preparation, expectation, and excitement as we move towards the day when we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

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