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Ancient Promise...Present Reality


Some prophetic words are so big it is hard to live with them.  They overwhelm us.  The implications are massive.  They open up such a huge space around us that we feel small and insignificant inside it.  God has spoken and we must grow to fit what He has seen in us.  

Prophecy unlocks the intentionality of God.  It declares to the world:  “This is the way it will be” – and we get to be involved in the process! 


After prophecy is received the process of development comes.  Before prophecy can be fulfilled in its entirety, it must live in our hearts.  We need to abide in the word, think deeply, meditate over it, and make it an occasion for praise and worship.

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Revelation Brings Reordered Thinking

When a truth breaks into your life, in terms of the nature of God, you will find that everything has to come to a place of being reordered! 

Revelation shifts everything. Revelation is a truth that comes to us with something we have not seen before and it has the potential of setting us free and reordering our lives. With the first rush of seeing a new truth about God you often may feel “carried along with that truth” in such a way that walking in the application of it almost seems effortless. The ability to walk in that truth, and the discovery of other linked truths surrounding it, causes you to reorder your thinking about many things. It is a glorious experience.

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There’s No Negativity in Heaven

I am absolutely overtaken with the truth that Jesus took all negativity. He bore it in His body and took it to Calvary so we could be free.

He took all our afflictions - mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

So, the curse of living in negative ways, of being hooked by negative thoughts and of tainting the atmosphere around us with negative speaking has been broken by His sacrifice.

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