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Different Keys

Just a couple of weeks ago, the Aglow office in Edmonds experienced a robbery.  Let me assure you that everything is fine and we are thankful that God protected us in amazing ways. However, because of the break-in, every lock in the building had to be changed and we were all given new keys.  Think about it!  The door we had opened one way for 8 years could no longer be accessed in the same way.  New, different keys were needed.  

Do you remember the words Dr. Chuck Pierce spoke to us in Houston regarding new keys?  He referred to a word he had received that had a question attached to it, I see a key in your back.  God is asking you if He can remove it and take it away so you can fully enter into the next season. 

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A Room With A View

Have you wondered, Where in the world is Jane Hansen Hoyt? It seems my life has been one of constant travel since the last blog post in April.  I have missed sharing my heart with you, so let me share with you now, some of my journey.

As April drew to a close, Kay Rogers, Tony, and I boarded a plane to Israel.  We had a few days to adjust to the time difference before 194 Aglow men and women from 18 nations joined us on our 12th trip into the Holy Land.  This year we had a bus filled with French speaking people from several nations,   a group from China and a group from Japan.  145 of those who travelled with us were first timers to Israel.   Among those first timers was a group of 15 young people that represented the Generations Group!  Can you picture us all together that first morning, on two boats tied together out on the Sea of Galilee?  We were singing and dancing….or to put it in the language of the youth….we were rocking out, praising Jesus!  A couple of our tour guides said to us, We wait for Aglow to arrive each year.  No other group is as lively and fun!

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The Atmosphere of Heaven

When people who have made contributions to society pass away, they are remembered for what they were best known for. My comments may seem a little too "American," but allow me a few thoughts.

This week, 86 year old Andy Griffith passed away. Andy was an actor in a television series that featured him as a sheriff in a small town. Mayberry, USA was a place that represented an American heartland ideal. Say the name Andy Griffith and you've said something about America, one reporter commented. His passing had Twitter comments flying. Everyone from the common man, the young and the old, to fellow actors who knew him well, and a couple of U.S. Presidents commented on the impact Andy made in the lives of so many people.

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