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Joy Interrupted

These things I have spoken to you… that My joy may remain in you, 
And that your joy may be full!     John 15:11 

Have you ever thought about the fact that JOY is the atmosphere of heaven?  Or, that JOY is a divine quality of character that is possessed and given only by God? 

We speak much about bringing the “atmosphere of heaven to earth” and yet there are some who can falter in the area of joy.  Some of the things that take place in life can attempt to undermine that very atmosphere of underlying joy.  If we are not careful our minds can begin to be tipped in a negative direction.  This is the opposite direction of the victory that Jesus intends would always be ours and makes us aware of our need for the renewing of our mind to align with heaven.

Think about the unexpected “surprises” that tempt us to lean towards discouragment.  Cars break down and need to be repaired, the roof starts to leak, the hoped for job doesn’t work out, the vacation you thought you’d take with the family will cost more than you planned for.    

Yet, in the midst of it all, Jesus said, “I came that your joy might be full!” 

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He Who Has the Son

876887 34505970 web HE WHO HAS THE SON HAS LIFE!   I John 5:12

God did everything for you in Christ….everything.  He didn’t merely give you a pattern to follow; He gave you His son to live within your hearts as your life.  It is His life within you that will guide and direct your life to please the Father, even as Jesus pleased the Father.  The Holy Spirit takes what is Jesus’ and gives it to you.  It has never been about performance, but always about where God chose to place you…which was “in Christ."  Jesus took you to Calvary and there He did away with your old nature, gave you a new nature and lives within you so that everything Christ is, now lives in you!  That is the truth and power of the gospel!  Once you realize this incredible truth you will know that all your self-effort is truly like the touch of soiled fingers on something that was made pure and wonderful through Jesus.

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Rejoice in the Lord, O You Righteous!

cross-and-shadow webRejoice in the Lord, O you righteous!
For praise from the upright is beautiful.  Ps 33:1

I know that life has a way of bringing opportunities to each one of us that can appear to be filled with devastating consequences.  However, as we grow in our understanding of “who God is, and who He will be for us,we learn that all situations also contain opportunities to increase our size in the Spirit and even bring others along with us!

Our vision of God can never be diminished by the enemy, only enhanced.  When in a difficult situation, the enemy comes with his lies of defeat; our focus needs to remain on the power of the Holy Spirit, who is always too confident to be taken in by such lies.  He points to the size of the opposition that is against us and says to us, “That is the size you are going to be when this fight is over!”

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