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2014 - A Year of Deliverance, Salvation & Completeness

ocean-wave-webWelcome to 2014! Here are my thoughts regarding this New Year. 2014 will be a year of deliverance, salvation and completeness in many areas.   It is going to be a great year, so live in expectation of great things.


In relation to the number 2014, there isn’t a number for million in Hebrew.  They used “thousand thousand” to represent a million.  For instance, Revelation 5:11 states:  And I heard the voice of many angels around the throne, the living creatures, and the elders:  and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands.  So, 2000 is related to a thousand which is a number connected with:

• Divine completeness
• The Glory of God
• God’s Divine care and protection of His own

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We Are Carriers of His Love

Chinese-temple-webIt was just a little over four weeks ago that Tony and I departed from Seattle for a month of travel that took us from Europe, to Israel and China. 


We first arrived in Lisbon Portugal.  This beautiful nation borders Spain, and is located on the South Western part of Europe on the Iberian Peninsula.  There is an ambience of friendly ease to this place and a love welled up in my heart for this coastal city that was so filled with refreshment for my soul. Even in the midst of Portugal’s economic difficulties, I sensed a hunger for God.  Sara Catarino, Aglow’s National President in Portugal, has done a wonderful job of keeping Aglow focused in faith as she continually presents opportunities for strategic prayer at significant sites so God can turn the nation in a new direction.  Watch for it!

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Provision & Resources

Provision &  Resources Flowing to Aglow’s Identity in Jesus   

It is a wonderful time of upgrade and reinvention God has ordained for Aglow.  New life is being seen and felt everywhere.  We know that resources are no longer coming to our circumstances; they are coming to our identity in Jesus.  God’s plans include our growing into new forms of provision and resourcing.  Blessing and favor are coming to us as part of our inheritance in the Lord Jesus.

The Lord knows that we must have more resources now than we have ever needed before, and I believe that He has planned accordingly.  We therefore, are asking that He would open up a place of provision to us that is in alignment with His will and purpose for this time of our development.

Today, I ask that you join me  and step into a greater resourcing of this ministry that God’s hand is upon in such amazing ways.

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