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A Summer of Unrest

Monument-Valley-webOn this rock I will build My church...This seems to be a summer of unrest where hatred, turmoil, killings, violence, and destruction are evident in so many places on earth. 

Currently, the Mid East is foremost in our minds as the ongoing unrest and cycle of violence threatens to become all-out war.  The tension is being inflamed by anguish over the kidnapping and deaths of the Israeli teenagers and death of a Palestinian teenager in a suspected act of revenge.  We are looking at a very difficult game of nerves.  Our Christian brothers and sisters living in Israel are calling for prayer, prayer, and more prayer.

The Syrian conflict has continued growing in intensity and scope for over two years, with the United Nations estimating more than 100,000 dead and millions displaced.  The UN High Commissioner for Refugees stated that, This is biggest humanitarian tragedy since the Rwandan genocide.  Of the 2.5 million Syrian refugees, half are children. 

The 200 school girls are still missing in northern Nigeria.  It has been reported that entire villages in northern Nigeria have been devastated with Christian churches and Bibles being destroyed as Boko Haram continues on its radical, terroristic, destructive path.

As you continue to look around the world you realize that, in addition to wars and tumult there are many natural disasters taking place; earthquakes, typhoons, tornados, drought, wildfires, floods and other high impact weather and climate disasters. 

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Giving Honor to Whom Honor is Due


This past Saturday evening Tony and I had the pleasure of being part of a special celebration of Jack Hayford’s 80th birthday and the Hayford’s 60th wedding anniversary.

It was a night to capture the essence of Pastor Jack’s life in ministry which has touched multitudes around the world; and Anna, a woman with an immense capacity to serve her husband as a partner in ministry, wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother and devoted friend to hundreds around the world.

The evening began with a light supper served under a white tent and a time of greeting those who had come from far and near.

Following the meal we entered The Ambassador Auditorium for a concert of music that opened with “Gloria in Excelsis Deo,” which featured the Los Angeles Jewish Symphony and the Hayford Tribute Choir. It was only the beginning, but what a riveting moment it was! The atmosphere was electric with the Presence of the Lord.

Some of the evening highlights were personal tributes from those whose lives had been so impacted by Dr. Hayford…from people in the entertainment industry, to those who are currently leading ministries, to a granddaughter. Dr. Robert Morris, Senior Pastor of Gateway Church in Texas brought special comments which were followed by Dr. Hayford’s response.

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What Exactly Does Aglow Do?

sunrise webA friend spoke recently at an Aglow event. Following the meeting, someone new to the Aglow scene, asked the question, What exactly does Aglow 'do'?

Our human inclination is to pop out a concise list of things that we feel somehow qualifies us as a worthy ministry and would equally impress the listener to the degree that they would want to become a part of us. Such is human nature.

I find within my heart that same desire, yet I also realize that the very birth of Aglow is a miracle that has been sustained for 47 years by the on-going, powerful work of the Holy Spirit. My thoughts turn to exalt the Majesty of God and His unspeakable wisdom. Who can respond to this simple question of what we do in a meaningful way? Who can measure the work of God’s Spirit in ways that qualify us in the sight of others?

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