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What Exactly Does Aglow Do?

sunrise webA friend spoke recently at an Aglow event. Following the meeting, someone new to the Aglow scene, asked the question, What exactly does Aglow 'do'?

Our human inclination is to pop out a concise list of things that we feel somehow qualifies us as a worthy ministry and would equally impress the listener to the degree that they would want to become a part of us. Such is human nature.

I find within my heart that same desire, yet I also realize that the very birth of Aglow is a miracle that has been sustained for 47 years by the on-going, powerful work of the Holy Spirit. My thoughts turn to exalt the Majesty of God and His unspeakable wisdom. Who can respond to this simple question of what we do in a meaningful way? Who can measure the work of God’s Spirit in ways that qualify us in the sight of others?

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Standing in the Present – Proclaiming the Future

Standing in the Present - Proclaiming the Future. This was the theme for Aglow’s 2014 time in the land of Israel.  Over 200 men and women from 13 nations joined us.  We stayed focused on our purpose as we stood in the present and proclaimed God’s heart for the future from the Golan Heights looking into Damascus Syria, from Tel Aviv to Tiberius, from the Shepherds fields of Bethlehem to the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. 

A group of 25 Generations young people sang and danced their Happy dance everywhere they could beginning with the boat ride on the Sea of Galilee and ending with a great finale at our closing dinner.  It was fun, festive, and fabulous with everyone joining in the atmosphere of celebration. 


This time in the land was another experience of corporately seeing a further unfolding of Aglow’s mandate related to Israel, a mandate that initially came in the year 2001.  We have continued to be enlarged in our ability to see more and more clearly the purpose of Aglow’s call to Israel and are gaining a greater measure of God’s heart so that we might pray with increased understanding.

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Provision & Resources

Provision &  Resources Flowing to Aglow’s Identity in Jesus   

It is a wonderful time of upgrade and reinvention God has ordained for Aglow.  New life is being seen and felt everywhere.  We know that resources are no longer coming to our circumstances; they are coming to our identity in Jesus.  God’s plans include our growing into new forms of provision and resourcing.  Blessing and favor are coming to us as part of our inheritance in the Lord Jesus.

The Lord knows that we must have more resources now than we have ever needed before, and I believe that He has planned accordingly.  We therefore, are asking that He would open up a place of provision to us that is in alignment with His will and purpose for this time of our development.

Today, I ask that you join me  and step into a greater resourcing of this ministry that God’s hand is upon in such amazing ways.

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