Identity – The Key to Transformation

The journey we have been on has been referenced in letters to the field, blogs, and through information on our website.  New life has been forming over this ministry. Something of the Spirit has been stirring up our depths with a greater desire to move into a deeper level of relationship with God and to be a greater expression of His life, His goodness and His love in the world.  While on this journey, new dreams have been forming and new life has been taking shape.

Each conference (particularly since 2003) has been filled with profound messages, and prophetic words spoken to Aglow of God’s intent for this ministry.

A prophetic word is God’s way of telling you how He views you.  He speaks into the present, from our future, and calls us into our identity.   Prophetic words connect us with the next stage of our identity.  We become pregnant with promise and promises are designed to possess us for the purpose of God.

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The Time of our Arising

It doesn’t seem possible that our Aglow Worldwide Conference has come and gone.  After months of planning and preparation, expectation and excitement, we have returned home with weary bodies, but soaring spirits!  Every Aglow conference has its own uniqueness, but this particular gathering was filled with future, destiny, and purpose.  We left Houston changed and ready to walk in new mindsets and a greater anointing.

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God Uses Ordinary People

In my last blog I talked about identity being the key to transformation, and transformation is about moving into the next stage of identity.  Often, God uses prophetic words to bring us into a greater understanding of His view of us, which is usually something we wouldn’t have considered for ourselves.  When a prophetic word comes, it gives us a glimpse of our future, even though we may not fully see it or understand it.

It is a fact!  God uses ordinary people.  Think about Abraham.  He was a man born into a family that served idols.  Neither his background or beliefs made him a likely person for God to choose for the purpose of recovering man from his sinful situation.  At that time, Abraham wasn’t even a believer!  Yet, God’s intention for him was that through him and his descendants, God’s authority and glory would be expressed in the earth.  Amazing!

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