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Is Your Heart Fixed?

Rock outcropping web 600pxChrist the Solid RockWe are living in times when many of the “norms” or “accepted ways of conduct” we have known in the past have changed, some radically so.  “Christian morality is being ushered out of American social structures and off the cultural main stage, leaving a vacuum in its place – and the broader culture is attempting to fill the void.  Barna reveals growing concern about the moral condition of the nation, even as many American adults admit they are uncertain about how to determine right from wrong.  Do Christians see truth and morality in radically different ways from the broader public, or are they equally influenced by the growing tide of secularism and religious skepticism?”  (Research Releases in Culture & Media – May 25, 2016)

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The Legacy Continues

bowl of fruit-webWhen destiny and ministry are fused in the timing of Christ, abundant fruit is produced to the glory of God.From time to time, Aglow has received powerfully anointed words related to this ministry’s call, destiny, and future.

Catherine Brown, a well-known prophetic voice from Scotland, is one such voice:

“I saw the Lord holding the word ‘Aglow’ in His hands. He lifted it to His lips and kissed it and the Breath of God moved on the word ‘Aglow’ causing it to grow wings, eyes, hands, and feet. Symbolically, this means having the ability to perceive spiritual prophetic wisdom and understanding (eyes), to move in faith in witness and works (hands and feet), and to soar in the purposes and plans of God in worship and testimony (wings). I heard the Spirit of the Lord say that He is causing Aglow to reach out, to speak out, and to spread out in a measure that the women (and men) of Aglow have not yet experienced. I saw the word ‘Destiny’ come alongside ‘Aglow,’ and in the hands of Christ, there was a divine fusion between the two and the Lord said, ‘Acceleration and multiplication for the witness, the worship, and the work of Aglow.’ When destiny and ministry are fused in the timing of Christ, abundant fruit is produced to the glory of God.“

What a powerful word, particularly in this Jubilee year.

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2017 - Aglow's 50th Anniversary

aglow 50th 3x3 inYou may think it is a bit early for me to be thinking about Aglow’s 50 Year Anniversary, which will be celebrated in 2017 at our Global Conference. However, with that awesome occasion only months away, those of us at the Aglow Headquarters have been thinking and planning for some time already!

The number 50 is the number connected with the Holy Spirit and His work. When I think of the incredible work of the Holy Spirit, that began in 1967 in the lives of women and continues today with men now walking alongside us, I am brought to tears. Only God could have wrought such a work, such a ministry, such a movement in the earth that has stood the test of time. 

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