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The Time of our Arising

It doesn’t seem possible that our Aglow Worldwide Conference has come and gone.  After months of planning and preparation, expectation and excitement, we have returned home with weary bodies, but soaring spirits!  Every Aglow conference has its own uniqueness, but this particular gathering was filled with future, destiny, and purpose.  We left Houston changed and ready to walk in new mindsets and a greater anointing.

…the door to the last season has closed. Not IS closing, but has closed.

As I have had time to reflect following the conference, I sensed that the door to the last season has closed.  Not IS closing, but has closed.  There was a sealing of our future, our destined purpose, and our inheritance.

I also sense that there has been a ‘rebuilding of the foundation,’ both personally and corporately. New ways of thinking and seeing are overtaking old ways and old mindsets.  Something new is arising! We heard these words through Graham Cooke:  Aglow has passed her tests.  God trusts you.  He has heard your cries and now the days of laughter have come.

Graham spoke to our leaders from over 100 nations in a 2-day, pre-conference meeting and the primary focus of his messages was: Rising to be the fulfillment of your desire and expectation in your communities and nations!  Do you have dreams about doing something in your community?  The question is, are you prepared to become the answer?  You have a green light!  Partner with God for all the possibilities you see before you.  You are a sign and a wonder waiting to be seen, but you need to stand up to be seen.

Chuck Pierce said, This is one of the most significant meetings we’ve ever had in Aglow. God wrote the Word around a harvest calendar, not a Roman calendar.  We are being recycled back into a harvest anointing that we will see in every nation.  We need to develop a mind for the future, and the future is linked with expectations.

Aglow will be used this year to establish the House of the Lord from nation to nation.  You will be sought after, requested.  Every nation will learn this year how to use the home to establish the ‘House.’  The House of the Lord is forming in a way we have never seen the House before, Chuck declared.

Ray Hughes referred to the time of creation as, the manifestation of God’s desire as the earth was brought into being.  With the sound of the words Let there be came the visible realization of His purpose.  When God later instructed Moses to speak to Pharaoh saying, Let My people go…that they may worship Me, the purpose was so that the children of Israel would get their sound back.   Remember, Miriam worshiped with a new song. It was a shift from the sound of prisoners making bricks to the sound of a people who understood their song was tied to their destiny!

Johnny Enlow encouraged us to, Let God’s light and glory arise upon us and take that light into the spheres of influence in the earth.

Graham, speaking in the closing session, stated that, The real church is rising up!  We are here to be overwhelmed by God and we must live as the beloved of Christ.

Since conference, the words of Isaiah 58:12 have resonated in me: Those from among you, shall build the old waste places; You shall raise up the foundations of many generations; And you shall be called the Repairer of the Breach, The Restorer of Streets to Dwell in.  I believe the restoration of our foundation, both personally and corporately, has been taking place. We are now positioned to raise up the foundation of the next generation, and through them, future generations.  We are a Let there be  generation that has the power to shift society, shift the church, and shift the home for the purpose of establishing The House!

This is the time of our arising.  This is the time of purpose.  This is the time when our song has shifted to the sound of victory.  God is putting keys into our hands that we have forgotten about.  They are linked to promises He has spoken over us.  Don’t put what you have heard on a shelf.  Walk in your identity.  Now is the time of our arising!

Identity – The Key to Transformation